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Adopt A Pet Today from the Lassen County Animal Shelter – Lost Pet Guide

Lassen County Animal Shelter – Lost Pet Guide

Lost Pet Guide – What To Do

The best way to find a lost pet is to be ready for it to happen. Be prepared by taking a few easy proactive steps.


Microchip your pet. According to one recent survey, only 21.9 percent of non-chipped dogs that showed up at shelters as strays were returned home to their owners. That number increased to 52.2 percent among microchipped dogs. And the numbers for cats are even more disheartening. Non-chipped cats only find their way back home 1.8 percent of the time, whereas if they were chipped those odds increased to 38.5 percent. It’s important to be sure to register the chip with your contact info and ALWAYS update that information should you move, change your phone number, etc.

Collar and tags. Order a personalized collar with your phone number or buy a nylon one you can write on so you can be contacted directly if your pet is found. Identification tags that should be worn by your dog include a current county/city license and a valid rabies tag. A personalized tag with owner information is also helpful.

GPS Trackers/Apps. GPS devises for pets help ensure they don’t get lost in the first place. With these particular three options, you designate a safe zone and get alerts from the app if your pet strays. If interested in exploring these options, more information can be found at the websites provided:

Whistle Go – (This device snaps onto your dog’s collar. $100, plus annual or biannual subscription fee)

FI – (This tracker is built into a waterproof collar. $149)

Findster Duo+ – (Keep tabs on up to three pets with this app. $150 for one pet, $200 for two, $250 for three.)

Have good pictures on hand. Be sure to have shots from different angles and be sure to highlight any unique features your pet may have. You will need recent photos ready to use should your pet go missing.

  • ACT FAST – Fluffy is missing, your plan of action is to:

Contact the Shelter. File a lost pet report with Lassen County Animal Shelter, 257-9200. You will be contacted should your pet be brought in as a stray.

Contact the local Humane Society. Getting your pet’s information and picture to Peggy with the Lassen Humane Society will ensure many eyes will be on the lookout. She will network Fluffy’s information all over the area. The Lassen Humane Society’s number is 257-4555.

Get on Swap Shop. Monday through Friday from 8 am to 9 am our local radio station 93.3 JDX hosts a buy/sell/trade segment. Swap Shop is a valuable tool to use in getting the word out about a missing family pet. Tune in to Swap Shop and give them a call at 257-TALK.

Social Media. Many people use social media and this is when you can really use it to your advantage. There are many local FB groups that you can post to. Be sure to post pet photos, info, and exact location Fluffy was last seen. The animal community in Lassen County is a strong, tight knit one. There are many people out there willing to help you in your time of need.

Flyers. Never underestimate the power of flyers. Get them made. Lots of them. Provide a pet photo, info, and last known location. Put them up everywhere, especially the area where your pet went missing from. Also ask permission to post flyers at local vet offices, the animal shelter, grocery store bulletin boards, etc. Flyers can lead to sightings and set you in the right direction in locating Fluffy.

Contact neighboring counties. We see A LOT of travelers through Lassen County. It is not unheard of for someone passing through to find a lost pet and then take it along with them, only to leave Fluffy at an out of county shelter far from home. Pick up the phone and get in contact with vet offices and shelters in our neighboring counties. You can even ask to fax/email your flyer to their locations so they have a picture of Fluffy and your contact information on display.

Featured animals at the Lassen County Animal Shelter are available for adoption on a first-come first-serve basis. According to California law, all adoptable dogs and cats must be spayed and neutered before leaving our facility. If interested in adopting an animal, please contact the shelter directly.

Current shelter hours during the COVID-19 pandemic are Monday through Friday, 9:00a.m. to 3:00p.m. Closed Saturday and Sunday. You can contact the shelter at 257-9200.

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