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Arts Council Holding Reception for Outstanding Local Photographer


jameseddy1by Jeremy Couso

There are a lot of photographers around who try, to lesser or greater effect, to capture the beauty that surrounds us here in northeastern California. One of the hands-down best is James Q. Eddy. Eddy’s attention to detail and composition, along with his technical prowess, have produced a wealth of amazing photos, some of which will be on display during June at the Arts Council’s gallery on Cottage Street.

Eddy’s work will be shown throughout the month and a special artist reception and opening will be held at the gallery on June 9th.

Eddy was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia in 2008 after hemorrhaging in his eyes left him with blind spots.

“I spent a good part of that year in and out of the hospital receiving treatments,” says Eddy. “Today I am in remission and doing well. I still have blind spots that cause some difficulty in seeing. I have heard it said that going through something like that makes you see life a little differently.”

Eddy says that although he had a pretty good outlook about life before his diagnosis, he does see things differently today, both in a more  spiritual sense and in a real physical sense.

“I bought my first semi professional DSLR camera in September 2009 and began a wonderful new journey,” Eddy explains. “I have spent the years since then learning the art of photography and am constantly learning the techniques to taking better pictures.”

“As an artist with a camera I really enjoy the outdoors. I love the smell of the pine trees in the forest, the desert after a light rain, the salt air of the ocean and the fragrance of the flowers in an English tea garden. A sunrise or sunset in any of these places can be magical. My camera gives me the opportunity to savor the memories of all the people, buildings, trees, flowers, water and sky found along the way.”

That unique viewpoint and dedication to his craft has allowed Eddy’s art to grow and thrive while showcasing natural beauty wherever he finds it.

“Living in such a diverse and beautiful area as Lassen County in Northern California provides me many opportunities to capture some of these places. I hope that what I photograph will please those that view it. My desire is that some might even be inspired by what I see and how I choose to let the camera capture it.”

“In the New Testament the Apostle Paul said in Philippians 1:21 that to live is Christ and to die is gain. While I am here I will have my camera with me to capture what I see until that day.”

You can visit James Eddy’s portfolio at www.jimmyqphoto.com and you can check out his amazing collection of prints, which include photos from all of Eddy’s travels, for sale over at Fine Art America by following this link.

Eddy’s gallery reception will be held on June 9th at 5:30p.m. and refreshments will be served.


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