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Banner Lassen Helps Connect Parents a World Away


A SusanvilleStuff Feature
by Melissa Blosser

A dad stationed in Afghanistan didn’t miss out on a special day with his family, thanks to Skype and Banner Lassen Medical Center.

The internet connected mom and dad during the labor and delivery process allowing the nurses and medical staff to keep dad informed for the moments leading up to the birth.

Mother, Corinne Jones, said “He checked on me throughout the night while I was in the early stages of my labor. There was a point when the contractions slowed down, but after I heard his voice, I started to relax and feel better.”

A laptop picturing the father Jeremy Jones, sat right next to Corrine while she was in labor and for the delivery of their new baby girl, Sophia Marie Jones.

For Grandmother, Tammy Jones and mother to Jeremy this was also a special moment. “When my son was born, my husband was overseas, things were so different. I was so happy we were all able to share this moment together,” she said.

Banner Lassen Medical Center offers Skype and laptop check out to all of its patients providing a way for military families such as the Jones to stay connected during special times such as these. The hospital also provides laptops for check out if the patient doesn’t own one.

Corinne is now looking forward to spending time at home with her new baby girl and looks forward to Jeremy coming home.

“He was so happy to see us and to be involved, I know we will always remember that moment,” said Corrine.


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