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Basketball: Lassen Hoops announces All Tourney Players


by Niki Cunningham
Sports Editor

The Lassen Hoops end of the season tournament was held last weekend and it was a huge hit!  Lassen Hoops wants to thank all the wonderful people that support the program.  Thanks to all the referees, coaches, and parents for supporting our local youth.  A big thanks to all of our local sponsors!  Lassen Hoops would also like to thank Diamond View, Meadow View, Johnstonville, and Lassen high schools for letting the kids use their gyms.
Here are your all tourney selections for 2015!
3/4 Grade girls
Averi Pucinelli
Cameron Crosby
Bella Geisner
Shade Satica
Grace Harlan
3/4 Grade boys
Cobe Caminiti
Deshawn Moore
Sutter Moss
Reece Chapae
Tyler Zanhizer
Trevor Schwagle
Blain Wolf
5/6 Grade girls
Ronnie Merrill
Aceland McCullough
Taryn Giacomelli
Katie Marsh
Jordan Crosby
Samantha Miller
Chancy Juska
Jordan Smith
5/6 Grade boys
Zane Osborne
Evan Ormanchia
Parker Sommerville
Tyler Eidson
Elija Wheeler
Bobby Robles
Nate Biggs
Cameron Stelzreid
Nick Brent
Brayden Jones
7/8 Grade girls
Amber Jackson
Chelsea Williams
Jamie Larson
Kylie Eidson
Megan Gower
Denise Andrade
Hailey Mena
Sidney Amrein
Brittany Patton
See you Next Year!

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