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Losing to Win: Eric Yaoch Wins ‘Biggest Loser’ Contest


A SusanvilleStuff Feature
by Melissa Blosser, Assistant Editor

Losing weight for many of us can seem like an overwhelming challenge, and for many who are looking to lose more than just a few pounds it can seem impossible.

Susanville resident Eric Yaoch  made the decision this year to stick with a diet and exercise program leading him to lose almost 60 pounds, winning the Anytime Fitness Biggest Loser competition.

“I didn’t want to be big, there was nothing cool about it, no one was going to do it for me, I had to do it myself,” said Yaoch.

He started going to the gym in 2006 and would come and go without ever really committing himself.  Then in January of this year he began going daily with the help and encouragement of a friend who told him ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ when he would get discouraged.

When Yoach, who had been working out on his own, began to see results he decided to step it up and hire a personal trainer and even ran his first 10k this year in October during the Bizz Johnson Marathon.

“In high school I never played any sports, never very active, “said Yaoch “But I have more energy now.”

Yaoch said that diet is his weakest component, especially coming from a culture that eats a lot of rice. He had to learn to eat better and plan ahead for meals.

“I eat sweets only in Sundays, my cheat day and I eat a lot of beans, vegetables, and protein,” said Yoach. “Most of the time on weekends or on my day off I make a big tupperware container of big vegetables for the week.”

Yaoch said he sleeps better now that he is more fit and he is able to go to bed at an earlier hour with more energy lasting through the day.

“I sleep better now , before I would stay up late, and now I can go to bed earlier and I get up in the morning, I have all the energy in the world, ” said Yaoch.

Yaoch’s best advice for someone taking on a weight loss challenge was not to  believe what the scale says. He said he would reach a plateau but would have to just keep going.  He also said how his clothes fit gave him motivation to keep going.

“I started out with most of my shirts at 2XL now I go to the store and try on clothes and I am an XL and I feel so much better and it keeps me going,” he said.

Staying motivated and on track can sometimes be the most difficult thing for all of us, especially with the holidays quickly approaching. Eric Yaoch is an inspiration to all of us and his story serves to let people know that anything it possible if you put your mind to it.

“You have to start somewhere,” said Yaoch, “Make time for it and excuses won’t help you. I come to the gym regardless of what people say or think,” he said.


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