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Business Spotlight: March Events at Lassen Ale Works


Our friends over at Lassen Ale Works have a whole bunch of fun stuff coming up in the month of March! 

SOON TO BE ON TAP: new original Lassen Ale Works brews are being readied for consumption by the end of the month: a saison and a pilsner. And the home brewer competition winner’s Black IPA.

The Saison (French, “season,”) will be ready before the end of the month. This is a pale ale that highly carbonated, fruity and spicy. The style originated from beers brewed during the cooler and less active months in farmhouses in Wallonia, the French-speaking region of Belgium, and then stored for drinking by the farm workers during the summer months.

The second is a Pilsner, which will be ready around the beginning of April. Pilsner is a pale lager that took its name from the city of Pilsen, Czech Republic, where it was first produced in 1842. A modern pilsner uses a partially malted barley, giving it a lighter flavor, and is a very light, clear yellow with a distinct hop aroma and flavor.

And the third is a Black IPA. Our home brewer competition winner Dustin Osborn’s Moon Shadow IPA is a smooth and bright Black IPA. This will be on tap after the release party on March 21st. Don’t miss it!

New spring drink menu to start on March 8. A whole new menu of fresh, light and lively beverages featuring fresh fruit and fresh squeezed juices is here. Come down to try our new mojitos, lemonades and margaritas with a fresh twist.

EVENT: Saturday March 16, 9-11 Live music for St Patrick’s Day party: Fourgery, Lassen County’s premier classic rock band, will help us celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. And we’ll have specials on Irish whiskey and cocktails. Plan to come down to the Pioneer after the Ducks Unlimited dinner and bring your dance moves!

EVENT: Thursday, March 21st, 7 p.m. Home brew release party. Be there when we pour the first of the home brewer competition winner’s beer: Dustin Osborn’s Moon Shadow IPA. Dustin’s entry to our home brewer competition (Held last October) is a dark, smooth and bright black IPA that the judges absolutely loved.

As the winner, he got to brew his recipe on the Lassen Ale Works brewing system in early March with brew master Erik Jefferts. It will be ready for your drinking pleasure by the 21st. Come down, meet Dustin and get your taste of this talented home brewer’s first release with Lassen Ale Works.


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