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Celebrate the Folks Who Keep the Power On: Lineworker Appreciation Day

From top left are Matt Flores, Kenny Whitworth, Neil Dockery, David Vicondoa and Sam Tucker. From bottom left are Raul Faustino, Adam Hull and Sean Norvell. Photo courtesy of IBEW 1245

The next time you see an Lassen Municipal Utility District lineworker, thank them for keeping the lights on! Today, April 18th, is being celebrated as National Lineworker Appreciation Day in honor of those brave and hardy souls who venture out into the field, around the clock, in the worst conditions, to make sure the electricity keeps flowing… and up here in the mountains that is a pretty difficult job!

Here are a few facts about lineworkers at our local, publicly owned power company.

  • There are 9 LMUD linemen, including a troubleman.
  • Linemen never rest, we have at least one lineman who responds to calls 24/7.
  • The longest-serving linemen are Sean Norvell and Adam Hull, with 25 years of service each.
  • Both Adam and Sean are linecrew foremen, we have two crews.
  • Linemen must complete a four-year apprenticeship before they become journeymen linemen, several of our crew members started their careers at LMUD as apprentices.
  • Although linemen are known for restoring power, LMUD linecrews also construct new service and maintain over 425 miles of distribution lines and 80 miles of transmission lines in our 1,900 square miles of service territory.
  • Although most line work is done with a bucket truck, linemen still climb! All the LMUD linemen climb poles when necessary.
  • All LMUD linemen are rubber glove certified, meaning they can work on live lines with specially rated rubber gloves.

“In my opinion, we have some of the best in the business,” says LMUD Public Relations Manager Theresa Phillips. “Not only are they excellent at performing their jobs, but they are also committed to the community we serve.”

Phillips points out that many of LMUD’s lineworkers coach youth sports, are involved with local service organizations and much more.

Jeremy Couso
Jeremy Couso Publisher/Editor
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