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Celebrating Public Power Week with LMUD


Lassen Municipal Utility District, along with public-owned electric utilities across the country, is hoping you will take a little time this week to help celebrate National Public Power Week. This is the 25th anniversary of the American Public Power Association sponsored event which celebrates the advantages that locally owned and operated electric utilities provide.

Theresa Phillips, LMUD’s Energy Services Manager, describes what makes public-owned power special, “Low-cost, reliable, and community-owned. These are all key components of Lassen Municipal Utility District’s public power formula.”

“We’re a hometown public-power electric utility—a not-for-profit, community enterprise. Every day, every week, every year since 1988 when it was founded, LMUD has powered our days and nights.”

Phillips points out that just a generation or two ago, people still marveled at electricity’s uses and improvements to their lives. After all, it wasn’t until the 1940s that our country was fully electrified.

LMUD is one of about 2,000 utilities across the country that have been created as community-owned, hometown enterprises. They are operated by local governments as a public service, with the mission of providing electricity in a reliable manner, at a reasonable cost, and with proper protection of the environment.

LMUD invites you to stop by their office at 65 South Roop Street, Friday, October 7th and enjoy cookies and cake all day long, also, the first 50 customers will receive a free energy efficiency kit and everyone will receive an energy saving LED night light.



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