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Chester Winterfest Sled Dog Races; Excitement, Dogs and Fun


A SusanvilleStuff Feature 

by Melissa Blosser, Assistant Editor 

Every year sled dog mushers come from all over the western states to compete in the Chester Winterfest Sled Dog Races.  The raucous scene is overflowing  with excitement as the dogs bark, howl and lurch with agonizing anticipation of the race ahead.

“Best things about the races are being able to spend time with the dogs and people we love in the great outdoors doing what we all love,” said Kim Thomsen, and organizer of the event.  “The dogs get so excited to run their screams fill the town.”

The event takes place February 2nd and 3rd in Chester and the dog sled racing teams will provide plenty of spectator action throughout the day as racers cross the start and finish line all day both Saturday and Sunday.

“We are hoping for great trails and good weather for this years race as well as spectators to come and learn about dog racing and why we love it so much,”said Thomsen.

Teams come from California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Arizona to take part in this event. “Mushers” and their well-trained sled dogs will be competing for the prize win, with the purse at a minimum of $1,000.

The Association prizes itself on “emphasizing good sportsmanship and the humane treatment of sled dogs.”

“It’s a great event because of the people involved and  we love meeting new people and showing off our dogs so we greatly encourage people to come out and join us,” said Thomsen.  “Bring the kids and maybe a sled but please leave fido at home because the sled dogs get really rowdy when it’s time to go.”

Racing begins at 9 a.m. in Chester at County Road 324 adjacent to Cedar Chalet Bakery and Cedar Lodge Motel, west of the Highway 36/89 junction, on Collins Pine property. Concessions will be available.

For more information about the race visit www.sndd.org/chesterinfo.html.


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