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Depot and Fuzzer: Lassen County’s Most Famous Burros

Kids at this year's Lassen County Children's Fair got a chance to meet Depot and Fuzzer.
Kids at this year’s Lassen County Children’s Fair got a chance to meet Depot and Fuzzer.

This year, the Lassen County Environmental Education Collaborative attended the 30th Annual Children’s Fair with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) related activities and two adopted burros from the Bureau of Land Management’s Wild Horse and Burro Program.

The two burros named Depot and Fuzzer, attended with WHB Program Assistant Videll Retterath.  Children’s Fair participants were invited to quietly pet the supervised burros within their corral enclosure and learn about the BLM’s adoption program and adoption facilities in Litchfield.

Kirsten Bovee begins a pollinator puppet show

Additionally, Kirsten Bovee, a Lassen National Forest botanist, provided pollinator puppet shows to illustrate the importance of pollinators like bats, butterflies, beetles, etc. while distributing grab-bags filled with school supplies provided by the BLM and LNF.

The LCEEC’s education coordinator Jessie Diermier engaged children in an ‘Animal Behaviors Guessing Game’ while volunteers from Lassen Land and Trails Trust distributed Great Basin Wildflower Seed Mix. The attraction was truly a collaborative effort!

This is one of many youth programs offered by the LCEEC.  If you’re interesting in participating in future events, please contact education coordinator Jessie Diermier at (530) 257-3252 or by email at education@lassenlandandtrailstrust.org.  Scouting groups are welcome!

The Bureau of Land Management’s WHB Assistant Coordinator Videll Retterath greets adoptees Fuzzer and Depot with her grand-daughter.

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