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Dispatches from the Lucky Land of Lassen

by Jeremy Couso
SusanvilleStuff Publisher

October is here, political signs are sprouting up all over town and the maple tree on Mill Street is starting to change color! I think Fall has begun!

Bathtub Archaeology
John Raschein and his Bob the Builder crew were working across the street at neighbor Wayne’s house and from underneath the bathtub came Issue No. Eleven of the Susanville School District Bulletin for January 10th, 1966! What a cool find.

The bulletin has the usual assortment of school notices – there will be a PTA meeting on Tuesday, Steve Camacho will be doing a Spanish Language Demonstration and January 13th is the voter registration deadline.

The coolest part of the bulletin, however, is this note: “Final Plans for construction of the Diamond View School will be presented to the Board on Thursday, January 13. Construction is scheduled to get under way this spring.”

The bulletin notes that Diamond View School will accommodate grades 6th through 8th, and will include eighteen classrooms, a library, a multi-use room with a basketball court, cafeteria, administrative unit, and a special education classroom at McKinley.

Images of George
Good friend, and all-around great guy, George Sargent dropped by last week with a folder of old photos to share.

First off, here are Susanville’s 1951 Little League All-Stars posing for a picture after taking third in the District Championship in Reno. The players are: (back row left to right) Bill Pliler, Pete Rupert, Dino Cunial, Gilbert Pasqua, Jim Allen, Carlo Petroni and Louis Lopez. (Front row left to right) Wendel Wight, Roy Arnett, Bruce Richards, Bill Morris, George Sargent, Gerald Honea and Carol Abernathy.

Next, we have an undated photo of the Patio Basketball team. For those that are too young to remember, the Patio Store was at the intersection of Main and Ash Streets and had all manner of sporting goods and beverages and food and a whole wall full of magazines and it was the only place in town you could go to get dry ice. It was a fascinating store!

The Patio team was (back row left to right) Frank Ernaga, Carlo Petroni, a dude we don’t know, V. Porter and Larry McCutcheon. In the front row is Fred Borghi, George Sargent, another unknown guy and finally Booty Grohs.

And our final George Sargent photo is this one of the Lassen High School ‘Pool Sharks’ in the early 1950’s. Left to right that is John Cotton, George Sargent, Jim Allen, Ray Abernathy, Carlo Petroni and Roy Arnett.

Westwood Harvest Festival
Drive up the hill this afternoon and watch an awesome band! Forgery is going on the road to the Westwood Harvest Festival at the community center in Westwood from 4 to 7.

From the “People in my high school class who have achieved far more than I ever will” Department.
Congratulations to swell human being Russell Smith, from the Class of 1988, who just retired from the U.S. Navy after 34 years of service. And he didn’t just serve, he shined, retiring as the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy.

In case you don’t know what that means, let me brag for Russ just a bit. MCPON is the most senior enlisted member of the U.S. Navy and he will not say it, but I will, it’s a really big, important deal.

Fantastic job Mr. Smith, thank you for your service and thank you for being a splendid example to our local kids and LHS graduates. Enjoy your retirement!

Have a great weekend everybody!

Jeremy Couso
Jeremy Couso
SusanvilleStuff.com Publisher/Editor
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