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Dr. Bateson’s Weather Corner


You knew that May was a dry month here in Lassen County, but just how dry was it?

Our local meteorological expert, Dr. Owen Bateson, checks in this morning with this look at current moisture totals.

“May was really dry this year with only .02 inches of recorded moisture,” says Bateson. “The welcome rains last week brought us 1.05 inches in a two-day period, which is almost 90% of our average for the whole month of June.”

According to Bateson we are still at only 66% of average for the year. “I measured Eagle Lake yesterday at 5095.98 feet which is 20.4 inches lower than last year at this time.”

Because of the low water at the lake none of the private dock owners have put their docks out at the Spalding Marina.

More frightening than the current lake level, Bateson explained that historically the lake averages a 2.07 foot drop between June 1st and November 1st. If that happens this year, the lake will drop below 5,094 feet which has not happened since 1955.



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