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Dreama Jo Crump – January 14, 2015


Dreama Jo Crump

February 16th 1962, an angel descended from heaven to be born on Earth. She was given the name of Dreama Jo Bryant. As a child, she travelled many places with her family and she learned many things that she brought with her as an adult.

In March of 1992, she met the man Brian Crump while working as manager for a small café in Weiser Idaho. A year later on April 10th 1993, they became man and wife and embarked upon a series of different adventures throughout their lives together.

Dreama spoke very fondly of her life in Alaska and reveled about the time she rode her snow machine at 60 miles an hour while doing a 180 degree turn. There were many friends that came in and out of her life and every one of them were given a wonderful gift of her time, company, and friendship. During 9/11, Dreama was employed as a telephone operator for the Director of Information Management in Baumholder, Germany. She connected several calls to and from the Pentagon and the White House.

Beginning life with the problem of weight, Dreama underwent Gastric Bypass surgery from the originator of the procedure in Germany. From 1993 to 2015, she lost over 200 pounds and told everyone who asked that she would have done it again without regrets.

In 2003, Dreama lost her mother Bonnie Jean Bryant and decided to stay with her Father James Bryant while he grieved for his loss. During this time, her husband was deployed to Iraq in support of the war. After returning, they moved to Upstate New York and quickly became the support to coworkers at The Red Lobster and as Manager at Friendly’s.

Dreama loved the food service industry and her dream was to open a restaurant and serve the community. On August of 2014, Dreama and her husband opened D & B Country Café in Susanville California. They were a quick hit with many in the community and many of Dreama’s recipes were favorites among several customers.

Dreama love looking up recipes and coming up with new ideas for everyone to try. Dreama also loved to paint and many of the paintings hanging on the walls of their home are those that she did herself. Mount Rainier was always Dreama’s Mountain and she vowed to return there to Washington.

Dreama had many loves in her life and perhaps some of the greatest were her children and grandchildren. Her daughter Mindy had 5 girls. At one point, her daughter swore that she would have all boys, yet Dreama told her she would have all girls and they would be just like her. Dreama was right of course. The girl’s names are Shaelynn, Destiney, Nautica, Ayrika, and the youngest is Luciana, Of course there is another one due this year and this time maybe it will be a boy.

Dreama’s son Eric took after his mother in many ways including the work ethic and desire to be a leader which he achieved as Kitchen Manager at the local casino. Eric and his wife Jamie have 3 boys named Christopher, Anthony, and Brayden. She loved every single grandchild with all of her heart.

Soon after the restaurant opened, Dreama began to feel ill and too weak to work down at the restaurant. This didn’t stop her from making food at home and sending it down. Thus directing from 12 miles away. In October of 2014, Dreama went in for an ultrasound on her legs and this resulted in a whirlwind of issues causing her to spend over 2 months in hospitals and skilled nursing facilities. Brian never left her side the whole time she was in the hospital. A week before Christmas, Dreama was released from Lassen Skilled Nursing to go home.

Dreama spent Christmas and New Years with family at home while stubbornly ensuring that she cook the meals. With help, Christmas was delicious and filled with love and happiness. As the New Year began, Dreama talked about opening up a new restaurant after they moved to Washington. On January 14th, Dreama felt weak and sick. At the end of the Day, God had decided that the angel He sent down to Earth 52 years ago was then needed more in Heaven than on Earth. This world has been richly blessed by her presence, love, laughter, and her smiles. Those who knew her will attest to this and those who did not missed the chance to see an angel walking this very Earth.

Dreama achieved many things in her life and she will be greatly missed. Dreama was preceded in death by her Mother Bonnie Bryant. She leaves behind a wonderful family that will forever miss her. Her husband Brian Crump, Children Mindy Gonzales and Eric Gonzales, Grandchildren Shaelynn Smith, Destiney Smith, Natuica Smith, Ayrika Smith, and Luciana Corletto. On her son’s side, Christopher Cordova, Anthony Gonzales, and Brayden Gonzales.

She also leaves behind her father James Bryant, Daughter in law Jaimie Gonzales, and soon to be son in law Angel Corletto and his son Damian Corletto. Along with a multitude of family, she is and will always be loved by many friends throughout the world.

This world was blessed with a wonderful gift from God and now returns to His presence and becoming an angel once again. May the Lord take you under His arms and welcome you home to eternal joy and happiness. We all love you Dreama Crump. We will all see you again in Heaven as we will be reunited again as a family.

Sweetheart, as your husband, my heart yearns for you and to be with you. I know that you are safe and well in Heaven and I can’t wait to join you again. You are my princess, my love, my soulmate, my wife, and my very best friend. Rest in Peace my darling until we are together again. I Love You With All My Heart, Soul, and Body.


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