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Eagle Lake Levels ‘Extremely Low’ for Memorial Day Opener



The Lassen County Sheriff’s Department is warning folks headed to Eagle Lake for this weekend’s fishing opener that, after another dry winter, the water level at the lake is extremely low. The only boat launch available is the low-water ramp at the south marina and there won’t be a ramp in place at Spalding this summer due to the water level.

As a natural lake, there are a number of hazards throughout Eagle Lake,”  explains Undersheriff John Mineau, “Many hazards are not mapped or identified by buoys or any type of hazard marker.”

“There are places hundreds of feet from any shoreline where it appears boaters are out in the ‘middle’ of the lake. In some of those areas the water is extremely shallow and hazards are just below the surface.”

The Sheriff’s Office will patrol from the south marina and it will be difficult to get any of the sheriffs patrol boats into the north end because of the low lake level.

The Sheriff’s Office plans to make a buoy line where the lake narrows near Pelican Point. All areas to the north of the buoy line will be a 5-mph speed limit based on the hazards.

Additionally, with only one operating boat launch, boaters may experience more congestion and delays when launching boats on opening weekend.

The Sheriff’s Office looks forward to another successful year at Eagle Lake for the people coming to camp, fish, boat, and enjoy the recreational opportunities,” said Mineau. “The Sheriff urges citizens to be safe and cautious while boating.”

Forecasters expect the lake level to continue to drop throughout the summer months and for new hazards to surface. Safe navigation areas will continually change throughout the boating season.

Low-water ramp at the South Marina

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