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Eagle Lake Low Water Boat Ramp Opens


Lassen National Forest officials are pleased to announce that boaters looking to use Eagle Lake now have a place to launch during low water conditions thanks to a recently completed boat ramp adjacent to the Gallatin Marina.

The new low water boat ramp was made possible by the California Department of Boating and Waterways, who funded and prepared designs and specifications for the project.

Officially called the Gallatin Low Water Boat Ramp, it became available for public use on November 29.

The new ramp is designed to provide boaters with access to the lake during periods of low water when the existing ramp at Gallatin Marina is not functional. The low water ramp will only be open during these periods when the main ramp is inaccessible, as it is right now.

According to Eagle Lake District Ranger Ann Carlson, “Lake levels are currently low since we are going into winter, and they really will not start to go up until spring runoff.”

“It’s important to realize this is a natural lake and lake levels are not controlled like they are at Lake Almanor,” added Carlson.

King Construction of Fernley, NV completed the contracted work, which was awarded in August 2011. A sediment curtain was utilized at the site to protect water quality during construction.

The new low water ramp is comprised of precast concrete slabs, which were directed into place by a diver working in the lake. The ramp can be accessed by the newly-constructed unsurfaced access road and turn-around area located at the end of the marina parking area, near the Dow Lookout interpretive site.

Carlson said that the new boat ramp and turn-around are not very roomy so she asks that boaters please be patient and wait their turn to launch. She also recommends that boaters use care since the low water boat ramp is not behind a jetty and, therefore, exposed to the wind.

When asked about any future plans for the site, Carlson said, “Currently we do not have a boat dock at the site, but we hope to get one next spring.”

For more information, you may contact Project Manager Heather Blevins at 530-257-2151, or District Ranger Ann Carlson at 530-257-4188.


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