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Earthquake Shakes Up Northern California: What Our Readers Felt

What Our Readers Felt

We asked our readers to let us know where they felt the earthquake, here are the responses from the first 30 minutes after the quake.

Dana Hirsche That was a good one. We even headed for outside!

Carla Rummel Kopel Yes in rocklin & Lodi area. Wow crazy!

BarbJon Rutherford France Chester area. 5.7

Theresa Phillips Holy moly! It must have been huge!

Tish Beckett We felt two earthquakes, small jolt and then big one.

Jessica Mallery 5.9 11km WNW of Greenvile, CA

Sandra M Bain 13 minutes b/4 9pm. It was a strong one!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jackie LeBaron We felt it good in Forest Ranch, Chico and Paradise

Joe Pizzola 5.9 greenville

Christal Wheeler 5.9

Linda Griggs Strong in Deer Creek Meadows, right by St. Bernard Lodge

Stacy Kirklin Lake forest was a rockin’

Melissa Shelley omg. yes in Sacramento. big waves in Sacramento at the exact same time!

Rebecca Moore I felt it in susaville

Susan Contratto Campbell Yuba City CA felt it at 8:48 ceiling fan swaying chair shook back and forth.

MIchele Stoumbaugh no for Modesto

Lorie Tuter Yep felt it not th biggest I have been in but nearly

Linda Powles 5.7 earthquake. susanville was the epicenter. felt here in marysville

Misty Hastings Woltjen They felt it in Dixon..

Travis Holmes Yes for Rocklin

Candy Monarrez I did not feel it in Modesto.

Patty Fisher we live off hall and we got a hot shot everthing started to move in our home

Streetbob Sue Here in Chico

Connie Pinkston Yes for Stockton.

Morgan Ashley Nicole Moberg I’m watching the news right now

Mary Beasley Brandenberger We had it pretty strong in Herlong, my friends in Red Bluff, Corning and Paradise said it was very strong over there.

Kim Root Red Bluff felt it

Heidi Shadden Floyd Felt it in Johnstonville! Weird!

Melinda Duerksen here in westwood we got a good shake

Miaschelle Booker Johnston Felt it in Marysville

Brittany Leann Renfro Reno and Sac both felt it

Amanda Russell house rattled and i ran upstairs to my sleeping toddler lol. were in lake forest

Sandra Horst Off Riverside shook the house pretty good.

Patricia Fuller Does anyone know where the epicenter was? My mom lives in Auburn so thinking she felt it. I have friends in Greenville, Lincoln, Forest Hill. Hoping everyone is ok.

Sandra Horst Canyon Damn is reported as the epicenter.

Noel Money-Hazard I felt it here in Pleasant Valley Nevada… just south of Reno.

Alicia Price Leavitt lake

Troy Glidden 5.9 WNW OF Greenville

Sabine Bungardt Luedecke yes.. 5.9 according to USGS, epicenter Greenville

Jessica Lee Just felt it in leavitt lake about 5 ago

Michele McDowell Passwaters It was a rolling quake 1 right after the other than an after shock!

Portia Joy Korver Yes, big one then a small one

Jessica Utzerath Ramsey Susanville’s a shakin,

Tricia Juvenal Cole Usgs web site says 5.9 11km Wnw of Greenville,Ca

Lori Olah says it was in Greenville 5.9

TimandPaige Pendergrass Felt it here in town, friends in Chico, also felt it

April Eastman Felt it in Red Bluff!!

Katie Tinsley Green I got a report that it really shook in Quincy!

Troy Glidden Remember to report here: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/dyfi/

Anne Murchison A friend said they felt it down in Sacramento

Heather Horsley 5.9 magnitude in Greenville

Troy Glidden Hearing reports of ppl feeling down in Yuba City too

Celeste Crites Lake Almanor!

Sabrina Jean S friends felt it in oroville!! i’m in herlong

Sandy Stout-Davis Felt it in Leavitt Lake. No damage to our property. Just shifted items on our shelves.

Anne Murchison We’re in Lake Forest & it shook pretty bad

Niki Sierra Richmond rd

Debra Anne Luna Yup in sj

Lisa Martin Felt it in Suisun City, chandelier is swinging!

Tracey Dahlen Felt it in Palo Cedro!

Christal Wheeler Shook this house real good almost had some bottles fall over but no damage

Ande Opp Nimmo Yes felt it on North Mesa Street

Orrin C. Winton 8:47pm yes the ground was really moving a bit.

Tina Sanchez Yes I live on the lower Rez my house shook….

Leslie Boyle Felt it here in Alturas

Niki Sierra There was just a mini after shock too

Jeremy Couso
Jeremy Couso
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