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Farmer’s Market Spotlight: Debbie Anderson and Anderson Pottery


by Hannah Tangeman

Debbie Anderson’s two passions – pottery and gardening – both revolve around the earth’s soil. She shares her pottery with us on random Saturdays when she sells at the Lassen Land and Trust Farmer’s market.

Clay comes alive in her hands becoming beautiful sculptural pieces that serve useful and artful purposes. Clay is her medium and means of expressing her vision of the world.

Her inspiration is the rocky outcropping that shadows her home with its rainbow of desert colors and formations. Each day it beckons her to her studio at its base where her wheel turns earthy clay into vases, bowls, teapots, bowls, plates, and canisters. She loves making each piece which shows through in her glowing smile as she tenderly handles raw pottery waiting the kiln’s baking heat.

Her kiln is a huge oven like expanse that is large enough for her to rest in its opening. It takes days of work to load its shelves to make a proper firing so she lines up pieces until there are enough to fill its warm cavern.

Debbie trimming a bowl

Debbie’s pieces are colorful, whimsical, and thoughtful objects that she has learned to craft with years of master classes that began from an inspiring high school art class experience. It has led to a lifetime of art. She also teaches ceramics at Lassen Community College guiding other people in their quest for artistic expression.

Come early to the market because Debbie’s many fans often deplete her wares in rapid fashion. Anderson Pottery will be at this Saturday Market! Come also to enjoy the array of fruits, vegetables, and meats raised by the farmers who sell them.

Debbie in her spacious kiln


Debbie’s Pottery on display


Kiln loaded and firing


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