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Farmer’s Market Spotlight: Judy Ashbaugh Jewelry Crafter

Judy Ashbaugh with her designs on display

by Hannah Tangeman

In 2007 for her 64th birthday, Judy Ashbaugh had her ears pierced for the first time. With it was born an earring addiction, when she made more than she could ever wear, she grew to be a farmers market jewelry craft exhibitor. Judy bought a few pair of earrings – then determined to make her own she took jewelry classes at Lassen Community College.

She found she loved making earrings then other pieces followed closely in their wake. Now she models personalized hat bands, necklaces, broaches, bracelets, hair clips, rings, anklets, and is probably designing another as you read this. One spare room has become jewelry central where she stores a tower of beads, chains, wire, tools, and bases to create unique and beautiful bobbles for her clients.

Judy wants to make her pieces accessible in these economic times so she strives to keep her designs affordable as well as fetching. It is joy for her when people come with ideas of their own so she can make a piece to match an outfit or a perfect gift.

An extraordinary earring selection

The choices seem truly endless with mixing and matching semi- precious stones like jasper, tiger eye, magnesite, onyx, coral, or turquoise with brass, copper, or pewter in contrast with glass beads. It is mixed media at its finest for Judy has no limits of imagination or energy to construct her treasures.

She makes sure to feature surgical stainless steel earring posts for those that need hypoallergenic accoutrements. Judy’s smiling face and kind manner are the banner for her business as she has yet to find a name that suits her passion. Judy’s wares are displayed near the entrance to the Lassen Land and Trails Trust Market at the Railroad Depot each Saturday morning.

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Tools of Judy’s trade
Tower of unlimited design potential

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