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Farmer’s Market Spotlight: Kathy and Kenneth Lindner and Lindner Bison

Kathy and Kenneth Lindner

by Hannah Tangeman

Bison have returned to Lassen County, and looking into the passionate eyes of Kathy and Ken one knows that these beasts have walked this same land in another era. Their reverence for these creatures is displayed in every aspect of their lives. Lassen Land and Trails Trust Saturday Farmers Market is proud to have them as our newest vendor with their unique offering.

Lindner Bison started on this path of rearing heritage bison with their first purchase of four head, of which three still grace their herd. They were ‘seeking an active retirement’ when they bootstrapped their way into the bison business. They have learned many lessons which they generously share through a well researched book they have penned titled ‘Standing Into the Storm.’

“Grass-fed is the basis of their product” Ken notes which they have locally harvested to find the shortest path from their field to your table. Kathy says they ‘honor the bisoness of their bison.’ She sees their wildness out her picture windows as their iconic silhouettes shadow the horizon.

Lindner Bison

Bison, as they will kindly tell you, is the true name of the breed and meat. If called buffalo, the meat can be blended with up to 49% beef but bison cannot be adulterated in that way.

Bison is the proper name not the misnomer, ‘buffalo’ the white man named them. In 1900 there were as few as 2000 bison on this continent but now with stewards such as the Lindners their numbers are recovering. They have helped preserve the breed by creating a demand for their meat.

Lindners love the way people connect with their bison, in sometimes a very emotional and deep manner. They raise them in them in the most humane manner bearing witness to their own devotion to Bison. Please stop by and meet them at the Saturday Lassen Land and Trails Trust Farmers Market at the Railroad depot on Richmond Road.

There will be another food demo this weekend at 10 am by Every Blooming Thing on Harvesting and Handling Fruits and Vegetables.

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