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Farmer’s Market Spotlight: Linda Erway’s Ceramics

Linda Erway with a windchime she made

by Hannah Tangeman

Linda Erway’s eye for ceramics changes what you think you know about the craft. She, in a most contemporary way, mixes hand build techniques (flat pieces of clay) with wheel bases or perhaps the reverse. She can’t allow a symmetrical line to flow without tweaking it so that a new angle is formed. Her world is not round nor square but tilted a bit with a shifted centerpoint.

Her adornments are layers of flowing lines pressed into the clay like the grain of stone. She may punch a hole for light or drainage then layer glazes to concentrate the impact.

A piece of Erway’s ceramics is a true original not to be duplicated. And yet, with all the dimension and asymmetrical construction there is a functional, purposeful piece that is formed.

A fish of many colors

She is able to steal away time in her garage studio to create. Throughout her life since following a “Pot Sale” sign that lead to the university library at Cal Poly Pomona in the early 70’s, she has been enamored with ceramics. She started taking Advanced Classes immediately and was a quick learner.

Erway, through many moves, kept pursuing her avocation with community college classes then finding time when her children were old enough for her to devote time again to her passion. She has been mentored by Debbie Anderson who she shows with at the Lassen Land & Trails Trust Saturday Market.

An example of a piece that is thrown on the bottom and handbuilt on top

She feels fortunate that she has found clay which will be a lifelong endeavor. It warms her heart to hear how people will use or display each piece or if will be gifted to a dear friend. You too will be amazed at her creative designs found at the Saturday Farmers Market at the Depot on Richmond Road. Check in on the weekly cooking demos at 10:00a.m. while shopping for meats and produce.

A ceramic basket


Linda hard at work


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