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Farmer’s Market Spotlight: What Is a Certified Farmer’s Market?


by Hannah Tangeman

A visit to the Lassen Land and Trails Trust market reveals what a true certified farmers market is every Saturday morning from June into October. Farmers selling the fruits and vegetables they or their family have grown on their farm for our community.

Certified means that the county of origin’s agricultural commission has certified that the crops are grown by the farmer at their farm including varieties and volumes.

The 8:00am to 1:00pm market on the corner of Richmond Road and Railroad Avenue at the Lassen Land and Trails Trust restored railroad depot is the only certified market in Lassen County where customers can be assured that the produce is raised by the farm whose booth they shop.

Items here are not bought through produce brokers, kept in cold storage, or picked green for shipping but tenderly cared for, picked at the peak of ripeness or freshness, and transported by the farmers to your waiting hands.

Certified Farmers Markets began in 1977 when exemptions were made to California Department of Food and Agriculture rules allow farms to sell directly and not conform to rigid packing and shipping rules that were formerly enforced statewide making direct selling to consumers difficult. Customers have benefited by with a depth of new heirloom varieties available, knowing who and how their food is grown, buying products less than 24 hours off the vine eliminating days of transport aging of produce, and keeping the vitality of local farming.

Farmers welcome Certified Farmers Markets as an economic opportunity eliminating the broker, reaching out to customers themselves with their finest wares. The relationship between farmer and plate is best portrayed here. Currently over 60% of the food in the United States is imported so it is critical to help domestic farmers flourish to harbor our food supply.

The market has become a venue for potters, woodworkers, jewelry makers, bakers, and artesian food purveyors. For a genuine taste of Susanville and Lassen County, the Lassen Land and Trails Trust Saturday Certified Farmers Market is your locale for true farm fresh flavors while shopping at the railroad depot with its creature comforts. Join your friends here.

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