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Keeping the Connection: Forest Service Retirees Form Group


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Melissa Blosser, Assistant Editor 

A group of local retirees from the U.S. Forest Service have come together, and recently met for the first time with Forest Supervisor Jerry Bird, to hear the latest news about agency operations, efforts to streamline the Forest organization and fire salvage activities.

“Our vision is to actively  engage a  group of Forest Service retirees with lots of knowledge, interest, and enthusiasm to build a strong network (including reaching out to other Forest Service retiree groups), establish meaningful dialog with local national forests, generate a strong level of advocacy for the agency, socialize among ourselves, and have fun,” said  Laurie Tippin, a retired Forest Service Employee.  

“By maintaining some level of connection with the Forest Service, the group can remain informed and act as an advocate for the agency, which can result in local communities improving their perception of the work being done by and the value of Forest Service employees.”

Forming a retiree group was the brainchild of retiree Larry Cabodi of Standish, who wanted to hear first-hand about what’s happening on the Lassen National Forest. During the gathering, Cabodi spoke about why he felt getting this group together was important.

During the gathering the group  highlighted its objectives and goals to include staying informed about current Forest Service activities and projects, being an advocacy group for the Forest to provide useful feedback, and mentoring new and existing employees.

The fledgling group made a couple of decisions at this initial meeting. First, it will continue outreach to other Forest Service retirees by networking both locally and regionally, including making contacts with retirees from other northern California forests and the PSW Research Station. The group also made the decision to meet quarterly to share key topics of interest.

“While each of us were working for the Forest Service, we felt part of a bigger family and enjoyed serving the communities in which we worked,” said Tippin.  “Organizing a local Forest Service retiree group will serve to continue that family connection among ourselves and, hopefully, with Forest Service employees and the communities in which we live.”

The next meeting is planned for May 1st and will include such topics as selecting a name for the group, developing additional key objectives, creating a newsletter, planning a possible field trip, and according to Tippin, ‘having fun, of course.’

If you’re interested in learning more or wish to be a part of this dynamic new group, please contact Laurie Tippin at 99ltippin@gmail.com or Larry Cabodi at 530-254-6336.


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