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Gallery: Tenth Annual LMUD Student Art Calendar Awards


2014calendartop620Winning entries in the 2014 LMUD Art Calendar contest were announced, and the winners were honored, at a ceremony held late Friday afternoon in the LMUD board room.

The annual calendar is celebrating it’s tenth year of spreading the important theme ‘Stay Clear and Stay Alive!‘ illustrated with artwork created by local students.

Kids were asked to submit artwork showing the importance of electrical safety and how to avoid trouble in dangerous situations. 12 submissions were chosen by a panel of judges to be featured in the pages of the 2014 calendar.

Featured in this year’s calendar will be artwork by Reesha and Damian Wynters from Juniper Ridge, Zane and Marcus Owen from Richmond Elementary, Josie and Jenna Leaman from Shaffer Elementary, Kindergartner Christian Henry from Richmond, Zoe Cosette Robinson from Westwood Charter School, Rylie Pizzola from Janesville, Emmalee Rotlisberger from Richmond, Nadia Castrejon and Yves Santa both from Juniper Ridge.

The winning students each received an award certificate and a gift card presented by LMUD Board Vice-President Richard Vial.

Calendars will be available to pick up at the first of the year.

Student art winners Emmalee Rotlisberger, Marcus Owen and Christian Henry.
Before the awards ceremony students got their first look at the other winning submissions.
Zane Owen receives his award certificate from LMUD Board Vice-President Richard Vial.
Damian Wynters chose lightning safety for the theme of his illustration.
Marcus Owen knows that when power lines are down you need to call LMUD.
Jenna Leaman and her younger sister Josie were both chosen to be a part of this year’s calendar.
Emmalee Rotlisberger shows off her artwork with Theresa Phillips, LMUD’s Energy Services Manager

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