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Gallery: Lassen High’s Annual Biology Field Trip


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by Char Petersen

It was an overcast day when students of Lassen High loaded their gear and headed over to Patrick’s Point on the California coast to participate in the school’s annual biology field trip.

The group of LHS students spent the week exploring the outdoors, learning the historic background of the area and getting a first-hand look at nature and outdoor life.

When asked his favorite part of the trip, Daniel Lee instantly replied, “The food!… and probably Wedding Rock. It’s one of the first things that we do after setting up camp. It is there where we get to experience the true wonders of nature and the beauty of the world.”

Along their journey the students were taught to recognize plants, trees, flowers and wild life as they hiked the many trails located in the forest.

“At first I thought it would be impossible to remember all the plants!” exclaimed Miguel, a first year Bio-Trip student, “But by the third day I knew them all… and more.”

One of the most memorable hikes on the trip was the James Irvine Trail. In order to maintain tradition many students walked the 5-mile trail barefoot all the way through to Fern Canyon.

When asked what made this hike so brilliant, Sierra Gilmore said, “The canyon. It can only be described as breathtaking, a sight too great for words to describe.”

By the end of the week that camp was full of smiles and an unspoken unity as the students began to pack for the 5 hour bus ride home.

“This is always the worst and best part of the week.” explained Portia Martin, “I’m exhausted and happy to go home, but I’ll miss the harmony that the Biology Field trip brings to the students, and the unique adventure of it.”

All around, the 2012 Biology Field trip was a complete success. Through it students were able to get a first-hand look at the science of life and broaden their knowledge of nature.






























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