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Gallery: Lighting the Lights at the Fairgrounds


Mike and Kathy Justice, who are busy transforming the Lassen County Fairgrounds into an electric wonderland, sent over this gallery of photos from past Festival of Light displays to help inspire local clubs, organizations, businesses and individuals to participate in this year’s event.

Last year more than 500 families drove through the fairgrounds during the month of December, with 134 families showing up Christmas Eve – an all time record for a single evening.

I asked Mike about the number of lights he and Kathy string up at the fairgrounds each year. “There are around 15,000 lights in the main display that bounce to the music. The Fan Section that we added last year has about 4,000 lights. Then we put up lights on the Jensen Hall gate, Jensen Hall entrance, most of the light poles and the entrances to the Commercial & Floral buildings. We easily put up over 20,000 lights at the Fair Grounds for our part.”

Want to get involved? The fair is still looking for groups, organizations or individuals wanting to participate by putting up a display. The displays can include business advertisement, club endorsements or can just be a gorgeous holiday light display.

Major displays being readied for this year include entries from 4H, the Boy Scouts, Diamond Mountain Casino, the Lutheran Church and Teen Court. Get involved and build a display! It’s fun and great advertisement for local business or groups.

The Festival of Lights will also be part of the Kiwanis Senior and the Lassen County Times’ light tours.

If you are interested in being a part of it all please contact the Lassen County Fair office at 251-8900.







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