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Get Ready! Rails to Trails Handcar Races are Almost Here!


In a tradition that spans more than a quarter of a century here in Susanville, the Lassen Land Trails and Trust railroad handcar races at the Rails to Trails Festival are slated for next weekend October 12th, and your business, group or organization is invited to join in the fun.

The annual handcar races are part of the Rails to Trails Festival event along with live music, a chili cook-off and a salsa tasting. It’s a whole lot of fun and the handcar races are a neat way to settle a friendly rivalry the old-fashioned way.

Teams entered so far include rivals Plumas Sierra Rural Electric and Frontier Communications and the Susanville Fire Department against the Susanville Police Department.

Other rumored entries, according to coordinator Jessie Diermier, are the Lassen High JV and Varsity football teams and Tri-Counties Bank who are challenging other financial institutions and promising to give them ‘a run for their money’.

The handcars, originally used by the railroads to maintain the tracks, consists of a seesaw contraption on a platform. Moving the see-saw up and down propels the little car down the tracks. By ‘little car’ of course we mean a 900-pound metal beast that takes a lot of effort to get from one place to another.

Teams consist of five members; 1 pusher and 4 pumpers.  Race categories include Women’s, Men’s, Coed, and the Masters division for racers 50 years and over.

Costs per team are $50 or $10 per teammate and are non-refundable. You can click here and download the Handcar Race Competitor Entry Form. Good luck and have fun!

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