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Greg Smith – March 26, 2023


Greg Smith traded his worries for a crown. He left this world on Sunday, March 26, 2023
in Susanville, California.

He is survived by his wife of 50 years, Lori Smith, and five children: Sarah Scott (spouse
Terry) and grandchildren Daren Fliflet and Amanda Fliflet; daughter Miriam Hinton and
grandchildren Naomi Hinton and Benjamin Hinton, daughter Elizabeth Platt (spouse
Jim) and grandchildren Jamie Platt and Kelly Platt; son Adam Smith and granddaughter
Margaret Lampke, and Patience Smith (spouse Adrian). He is also survived by his brother Mike Smith (spouse Carolyn) and sister Kathy Sherman (spouse Jim).

Greg loved his wife with every part of his being. She was his life and breath in this
world. “Never gonna let her go. Never gonna let him go. Honey we are the big door
prize. Nothing but big ol’ hearts dancing in our eyes.” ~ John Prine
Greg loved his kids. He taught them so much but especially how to work hard in this
world. He loved freedom. He was a true patriot and loved his liberty.

Greg was born in San Francisco and grew up in Petaluma with his siblings Sally,
Jerome, Dale, Pat, Mike, and Kathy. He joined the Army and served honorably for five
and a half years including two and a half years in Vietnam. When he got out of the Army
he moved to Bonners Ferry, Idaho where he raised his family. In 1991 he moved to
Susanville and has been here for the last 32 years.

Greg was a master carpenter his entire life. He was also a logger, truck driver, and
shake mill operator and owner. Greg was the hardest-working man you could ever meet
and he could fix anything. He was industrious and one of the things that brought him joy
in life was labor. He held nothing back in his work. Greg was a perfectionist down to his
core and had no patience for the mediocre. If he was going to do anything it was done
right or not at all.

After he moved to Susanville in 1990, he worked a full career at the California
Correctional Center. He spent most of his career there in the kitchen because that is
where he could work the hardest.

If you met him once you would remember him for your lifetime. It was a privilege to have
a conversation with Greg. He was inquisitive and wise.

Anyone who knew him or met him never had to guess what he was thinking or what he
was about. He lived his life with integrity and never swayed from his internal compass.
He did the right thing because it was the right thing, not for anyone else or because he
had to.

Greg was intensely loved and respected and he will always be missed.

Greg always said, “I just hope God lets me be a mop and smock guy in the Kingdom.”
“I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than to dwell in the tents of
wickedness” ~ Psalm 84:10

Celebration of Life Services will be held and announced at a later date.

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