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Lassen AgWeb Report: Beef Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

A Report From the Lassen County Cooperative Extension

by Cheryl Lauritsen and Craig Hemphill, Lassen County Cattlemen and women

Good morning and Happy New Year! My name is Cheryl Lauritsen and I am the president of the Lassen County Cattlewomen, and I am Craig Hemphill, president of the Lassen Cattlemen. The holidays are over, people are making their New Year’s resolutions, and we would like to remind you that beef, with 29 lean cuts, can be a part of your new healthy lifestyle. But what do all the terms on the label really

Well, the label identifies the kind of beef, the wholesale cut name and the retail cut name along with weight, price per pound, total price, sell by date and safe handling instructions. Then we have those Brand Names like grain fed, grass fed, and natural, which might be confusing.
What is grain fed beef? Grain fed is the most widely produced type of beef in the U.S. These cattle spend most of their life eating grass in pastures, then are moved to a feed lot where they eat a high‐energy grain diet for 3 to 6 months. Research shows that most Americans generally prefer the taste of grain‐fed beef because of its tenderness and flavor‐enhancing marbling (the flecks of fat found in lean red beef).

What about grass fed?  The term grass fed or grass finished beef, refers to cattle that spend their entire lives eating grass in pastures. It is often described as having a distinctly different taste.

What about the term Natural?  According to the United States Department of Agriculture, “natural” beef is defined as minimally processed and contains no additives – all fresh beef in natural.

Remember, “Beef ‐ it’s what’s for dinner”.

Now for some reminders:

  •  The Lassen County Agriculture Office will be taking Wednesday appointments for renewing your restricted materials permits. Be ahead of the game and call our office @ 251‐8110.
  •  The Lassen County Cattlewomen, the Lassen County Cattlemen, and the Lassen County Farm Bureau will be sending out information for their scholarships soon, so have your high school student check with their counselors for the applications. Scholarships are also available to college students.
  •  The Lassen County Fair is still looking for a theme. It must be related to the “stars in the sky” and is due by 5pm on January 31 st to the fair office. The winner will receive a ticket package for this year’s fair.
  • There will be a Beef Quality Assurance workshop on Friday, February 22. Stay tuned for further details.
  •  Finally, don’t forget that this year is the 25th Anniversary of the Taste of Beef Sip of Wine wine tasting event. It will be held Feb 1st from 5:30 – 8:30 at the Elks Lodge. Don’t be left out. You can pick up tickets at The Pardner, the Chamber, or from any Cattleman or Cattlewomen.
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