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Lassen County Junior Livestock Auction Saturday, July 18th at 12:00 until noon on Sunday, July 19th.

Go to www.ez2bid.com to register for Junior Livestock Auction bidding. Individuals, businesses and groups can register. Its a great tax deduction and support of our local kids. Auction is from Saturday, July 18th at 12:00 until noon on Sunday, July 19th.

If you want to contribute to the Lassen County Junior Livestock or any exhibitors animal, you can contact the Junior Livestock Auction Committee at [email protected]

Katelyn Kirack

Hello, my name is Katelyn Kirack.

This is my third year in the Richmond 4-H lamb project.  I have raised two lambs this year for the Lassen County Junior Livestock Auction.  I have a ewe named Bandit and a wether named Baxter.  I held the office of Vice President for the Richmond 4-H club this past year.

Although I wish our Junior Livestock Show was in person this year, I am looking forward to learning about a new type of livestock show.

Abbie Hemphill

Hello, my name is Abbie Hemphill and I am twelve years old. I am a sixth year member of the Lake 4H Club. This is my third year showing and selling at the Lassen County Fair. I started showing Mini Moo’s, then chickens, pigs and now beef.

Now that you know a little about me, let me tell you about my steer Pharaoh. He is an Angus/Shorthorn cross and is a locally raised steer at the JD Hemphill Ranch. I have known Pharaoh since he was born. For the last six months, my steer has been eating a diet of rolled corn, Nutrena Finisher and alfalfa/grass hay grown on our ranch.

My steer is going to be available to bid on at EZ2BID.com on July 17th and 18th. I would greatly appreciate your support in this virtual sale. Thank you!

Samuel Blue

Hello! My name is Samuel Blue and I am a member of the Milford 4-H Club. This is my 5th year in 4-H and my 4th year raising market lambs. This year I will be showing 2 market lambs at the Virtual Lassen County Jr Livestock Show. My lambs are both Hampshire cross wethers and are named Bubba and Little Bub. Bubba weighed in at 146lbs and Little Bub weighed in at 120lbs. I am proud to say that I purchased my lambs locally.

Part of raising quality market animals is keeping them on a well balanced diet. I made sure to feed them good quality show feed and fed them every morning and night at 6:00. I had a lot of fun raising my lambs this year and look forward to watching the show on Wednesday, July 15th. You can watch it too by going to Waltonwebcasting.com on July 15th at 2:00pm.

Thank you for supporting the Lassen County Youth Livestock Exhibitors!

Tyler Swayze

Do you hate covid let me rephrase that do you hate what changes have been put in place because of covid-19 I am sure you do and so do I, but that does not matter because I am still selling my goat.

Hi, my name is Tyler Swayze and I am 11 years of age I have been in Richmond 4-H for 5 years and in the market meat goat project for 3 years. This year my goat’s name is Pig’O a name from the Harry Potter books because I love Harry Potter and have read all the books and watched all the movies and Pig’O sounds like a pig. He is a boar weather who weighs 101lbs with good muscle build and a strong personality.

I love raising goats for fair because of their strong joyful presents.

In my free time I enjoy playing basketball and caring for my array of animals such as chickens, rabbits, goats and pigs. I also love hanging out at my friend’s house and at my grandma’s house. I also have a job mowing my grandma’s lawn.

I hope to have your support by bidding on my goat Pig’O.

Benjamin Kirklin

I am Benjamin Kirklin. I am 18 years old and a junior at Thompson Peak Charter School. I have been in 4-H for five years, the last two at Richmond 4-H. I have been a club officer and a junior leader in the shooting sports project.

This is my first year raising a market goat. My goat is named Thing 1, think Dr. Seuss! My favorite part about raising Thing 1 has been the experience. While getting up early isn’t fun, I have built responsibility and solid teamwork with my sister (who has Thing 2).

The pandemic has given me more time to work with my goat, which has been important in this first year. I plan on entering military service after I graduate and hope to become an automotive technician.

Rebecca Kirklin

Hi, I am Rebecca Kirklin. I am 14 years old freshman at Thompson Peak Charter School. I have been in 4-H for five years, the last two at Richmond 4-H. I am in several projects like the Leadership development Project, Arts & Crafts, Poultry, Rabbits, Cavy, Dogs, and Shooting Sports. I am busy.

This is my first year raising a market goat. My two goats are named Goatrude and Thing 2 (think Dr. Seuss!). I work with my brother, Ben (who has Thing 1) to care for the goats. My favorite part about raising goats is seeing each goat’s personality develop. One good thing about the pandemic is it has given me more time to work with my goats.

I am is not new to showing animals. I was the Small Animal Master Showman for 2019. Through 4-H I have become interested in becoming a Veterinary Technician when I graduate high school.

Tyler DeiRossi (Wood)

Meet Tyler DeiRossi (Wood). Tyler will be a Freshman at Lassen High School this Fall. Tyler is a Richmond 4H Member currently in his 4th year of 4H. This is Tyler’s 2nd year participating in the Lassen County Fair, but his first year raising a Market Steer that was “home bred and raised”. His name is Buddy and he is an Angus Cross. Buddy is 16 months of age and will weigh 1300 lbs. +/- come sale day. Buddy has gained roughly 3.33 lbs. per day since October 2019.

Besides participating in 4H, Tyler loves helping around his parents’ ranch, learning to rope, hunting and spending time with his younger brother and sister.

A fun fact about Tyler is he can do an amazing Steve Urkel impression.

Tyler said when schools were closed due to Covid this spring it was sure nice to have market animals to focus on and take a break from schoolwork. Tyler would like to thank all the past, current and future buyers of the Lassen County Junior Livestock Auction for all their support of the 4H & FFA Livestock Exhibitors.

Nolan Mallery

Hi, my name is Nolan Mallery and I just finished my Junior year at Lassen High School. I have been on the Ag Mechanics team, been a member of FFA, and have played baseball at Lassen for 3 years. I have maintained a 3.7 GPA while doing FFA, Baseball, and working. This will be my 7th year taking a pig to fair.

Aside from raising pigs, I enjoy welding, woodworking, mechanics, riding my motorcycles, shooting guns, and playing baseball. I also enjoy working on my motorcycles, working on my truck, and working on projects with my Dad. I have found that I especially enjoy woodworking more than anything. I find it to be very relaxing and a great way to express my creativity.

School, life, and raising my pig has obviously been a bit different than the past years, but despite all the changes I feel that I was still able to raise a nice pig. My pig this year has been a little bit challenging though. He has a lot of personality and likes to find trouble! As you can see, he also likes to eat! He weighed in at 283 lbs. and I expect him to be over 300 lbs. by sale day.

Thank you for your time and I hope we can count on your support at the Junior Livestock Auction this year.

Seth Mallery

Hi, my name is Seth Mallery, I am 14 years old and I just graduated 8th grade from Diamond View School. I played on the school basketball team and finished school with a 3.7 GPA. I cannot wait to start High School in August and I am looking forward to all the new opportunities that I will have.

This year is my 2nd year in Thompson Peak 4H and my 4th year overall of being in 4H and raising a pig for fair. I like raising pigs, but I also like playing baseball and basketball, building things, riding my motorcycle, shooting guns, fishing, hunting, hanging out with my dog Tilly, and helping at my family business. Raising a pig during the coronavirus has not been a whole lot different than normal, but I have had a lot more free time to take care of my pig.

I am really going to miss going to Fair this year. I am going to miss the carnival rides, the food, and especially hanging out in the barns with all my cousins and friends.

My pig this year has been an easy pig to raise. He is super chill, eats good, and enjoys his walks. He weighed 256 lbs. when he got weighed and I think he will weigh over 280 lbs. on sale day.

I hope you will join in on bidding for our animals and supporting all of us kids that have worked hard this year.

Molly Dickson

My name is Molly Dickson. This year for my 4-H project I raised a big-little pig. You may be wondering how do you raise a big-little pig? I will tell you. First a little about myself, this is my 7th year in Richmond 4-H and my 2nd year in the swine project.

My big-little pig that I will be auctioning o’ this year is named Miles, tag number 105, a Hampshire Cross that I got from a local family. This year I have had more time to work with my project Miles thanks to the pandemic and being home. I spent a lot of time playing with Miles to get him ready for fair. I discovered that we both have the same favorite treat, marshmallows. I can get him to do a lot for this sticky treat. I had a lot more time to work with him and he got a lot more treats than my pig last year. When I got Miles he weighed about 60 lbs and when we went last week to get him weighed and tagged he came in a whopping 342 lbs. That is how I raised a big-little pig.

4-H is a huge part of my life, not only am in the swine project, but I have participated in sewing, arts and crafts, shooting sports, poultry, and rabbit projects. This year I am in charge of the activities during our monthly club meetings.

Kinley Somerville

Hi, My name is Kinley Somerville and this is my third year in the Thompson Peak 4-H Club. This year I am showing a swine for the Lassen County Fair and Live Auction. My swine is a barrow and his name is Oinkers. I got Oinkers around four months ago and every day from then, I’ve been walking him and preparing him for the big show. He has been a great swine for my market project and he is definitely market ready. He currently weighs around 253 pounds.

In the Thompson Peak 4-H Club, I am the Recreation and Sargent of Arms. I’m involved in quilting, arts and crafts and raising swine for the auction. Outside of 4-H, I hold a 4.0 GPA in school, I play basketball, volleyball, I enjoy taking my dog for a walk, playing cards and shooting pool with my family in my free time.

Please consider my swine when purchasing an animal from the 2020 Lassen County Fair and Virtual Auction. I plan on saving the money I make on this sale, for a future swine at next year’s fair. Thank you kindly, Kinley Somerville

John Ammon

Who is your favorite football player of all time? Being a Niners fan mine is Joe Montana. Even though Montana was the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time), I hope you like my lamb. Meet my market lamb, Montana!

Hello, my name is John Ammon and this is my 5th year in 4-H and my 1st year showing a market lamb for the Lassen County Fair. When I got Montana four months ago and his year tag number was #16, I knew it was a good sign. Every day I halter him, feed him and practice with him getting him ready for fair. He has been a great lamb for my first market project and he will definitely be market ready for his buyer. He currently weighs 140 pounds.

In 4-H I am the Richmond 4-H Sargent of Arms and am involved in the sheep, poultry, dog, crafts, baking and beginning 4-H projects. I am also showing some of my breeding chickens at fair. Outside of 4-H, I play baseball, I have a 3.75 GPA and enjoy shooting and fishing in my free time.

Thank you for considering bidding on my market lamb. I plan to use the money I make from this sale to buy two lambs for next year’s fair.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my lamb.

Lily Ammon

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? Mine is chocolate chip cookie dough! This year my sheep have been a real treat.

Hello my name is Lily Ammon. This is my 4th year showing sheep at the Lassen County Fair. I have been in 4-H for eight years and am this year’s Richmond 4-H Historian. My sheep this year are Hampshire/Suffolk crosses and their names are Chubby Hubby and Chunky Monkey (compliments of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavors). Chunky Monkey enjoys long walks on her halter and weighs 113 pounds and Chubby Hubby has quite the personality and weighs 132 pounds. I have worked hard to make sure my sheep are market ready, walked and worked with daily and are well cared for.

In 4-H I enjoy getting involved in as many projects as I can. I am a teen leader in the rabbit project as well as beginning 4-H. I am also a member of crafts, cooking, poultry, sheep, dogs, quilting and leadership. Needless to say, 4-H is a big part of my life.

Outside of 4-H I spend most of my time painting, drawing and dancing. I am a student at Joan’s Studio of Ballet, earned a 4.0 GPA last school year, and my favorite time of year is October when I get to work at the pumpkin patch.

I hope you consider bidding on my market lamb. I ensure you he or she will be a tasty treat!

Kyle Somerville

Hi, My name is Kyle Somerville and I’m 15 years old and a Freshman at Lassen High School. I’ve been raising swine for the auction since I was 9 years old. This will be my first year in Susanville FFA and I’m really excited to tell you all about my hog. This year, I am showing a Crossbred Yorkshire Hampshire barrow to the 2020 Lassen County Virtual Auction.

His name is Pig N Boots and he is the best pig I’ve raised so far. He has a great disposition and an easy-going personality. He is very friendly and curious as can be. I’ve been raising Pig N Boots on Show Rite, 17.5 % protein and feeding him 3 times a day since I got him on March 1, 2020. Our daily routine usually consists of walking at least twice a day and lots of belly rubs. He has open fields and lots of room to walk and run and I take pride in raising him and all of my animals.

One of the reasons I chose to start raising swine for the auction was that I wanted to challenge myself to take pride in something and to benefit from it somehow. Raising hogs for show and sale has helped me accomplish just that. The money I earn from a sale at the auction, helps me learn the responsibility of money and to pay for my vehicle and my college. I plan to raise hogs for fair and auction and be involved with FFA until my senior year, where then I plan to go to college and get a degree.

Please consider my hog when choosing an animal to purchase at the Lassen County Virtual Auction. Thank you!

Shade Satica

My name is Shade Satica and this is my first year showing market lambs with Susanville FFA. I have also shown market lambs the past five years with 4-H. I have two market ready lambs, Spazz and Blue. This year has been different, but getting my lambs definitely gave me something to look forward to and allowed me to put in extra time with my projects. Spazz is my bigger lamb and has a lot of energy compared to Blue who is mellow and likes more attention.

My first year of high school I enjoyed being a part of Susanville FFA, learning in class, and attending meetings and events put on by our chapter. I also kept busy with basketball, volleyball, FBLA, and being an officer for the class of 2023. Being so involved with school has made me realize how our community is so supportive of youth and the organizations we are involved in.

I would like to invite you to watch the livestock show where 4-H and FAA members will be showing their market projects. I would appreciate your bid on my lamb and thank you for taking the time to support me and other 4-H and FFA members.

Russell Mallery

Hello. My name is Russell Mallery. This is my 3rd year in 4H and I am in Johnstonville 4H. This year I am showing a Charolais X steer named Nugget. As of June 27th, he weighed 1,340 pounds. When I first got him, he was pretty wild. Now, Nugget is tame and gentle. I have spent the last couple of months walking him, brushing him, and washing him.

The money that I earn for the sale of Nugget will go into my college account after I pay back my parents.

This year I am the Activities Officer in Johnstonville 4H. Each month my job is to find things for my club to make during our meetings to give to the seniors. Next year I want to be the Historian for the club. Besides the steer project, I am also in sewing and recycled arts. My favorite thing about 4H is that I get to learn new things.

I will be going in to fifth grade at Richmond School. I have been a member of the Richmond cross country team since kindergarten and I play baseball. (I was going to play on the Athletics this year, but I didn’t play because of Covid 19). I play the trumpet in the after school band. It is really fun!

Now that school is out for the summer, I have been helping my Papa mow his lawn. When we finish, we go inside and eat Huckleberry ice cream or pie.
You can see my steer (tag #338) on July 15th.  Thank you very much for reading my article and supporting the Lassen County Fair.

Curtis Mallery

What do you call a steer with two legs? Lean Beef. You will definitely not find lean beef at the Lassen County Virtual Auction. You can see my steer (tag #337) and all the other fair animals at www.waltonswebcasting.com on July 15. To bid on my steer or any other animal, you can go to www.ez2bid.com from July 18 at noon to July 19 at noon. The animals will be sold by head, not per pound this year.

Hello, my name is Curtis Mallery. I am twelve years old. I am a fourth-year member of Johnstonville 4H and this is my second year showing steer. Huey is a black Angus X. Weighing in at more than 1,265 lbs., Huey is not lean and will fill up your freezer.

This year I am the secretary for Johnstonville 4H and the junior leader for our club’s steer group. I have been working with my steer since November. Things have been great until I broke my arm and hand. I’m still working with him, but it’s not as easy. Besides steer, I’m also involved in sewing and recycled arts.

I go to Richmond School and I am going into 7th grade. My gpa is 3.75. My favorite subject is math, I love cross country, I like to play the saxophone, and I am looking forward to learning how to play the guitar. Outside of school, I played baseball. I also play with my brother, ride my bike, and I love helping my dad at work and driving the tractor. Thank you very much for supporting the Lassen County Fair.

Dalila Heard

Hello my name is Dalila Heard. This is my first year showing sheep at lassen county fair. I am in Johnsonville 4H. My sheep is a Hampshire Cross and her name is Darla. Darla loves my sisters sheep Alfalfa. She weighs 112 pounds. I have worked with my sheep every day to make sure he is market ready.

I love being involved in 4H, it has taught me so many new skills. Outside of 4H, I love to organize and clean but also I love to hangout with my friends. I earned a 3.0 gpa last school year at Richmond School. I was apart of the Richmond Drill Team and GATE.

You can watch Darla and I and the entire Lassen County Fair Animal Show at www.waltonswebcasting.com on July 15. I hope you all watch the show and consider bidding on my sheep.

Morgan Merrill

Hello my name is Morgan Merrill this is my first year in Susanville FFA and my first year showing market rabbits. I have not named my rabbits, so I tagged them as Doe, Rae, and Mi. When I became a member of 4-H, at age 8, I had already been apart of multiple extra curricular activities.

I have played volleyball, basketball, flag football, cheer, and dance. Speaking of dance be sure to keep an eye out at the Miss Lassen County Pageant, I will be performing.

My first year in high school has given me many opportunities like being a member of CSF, FFA, and FBLA; I competed in FBLA for public speaking and grew as a public speaker. It has also given me the opportunity to be class of 2023 treasurer for the 2020/2021 school year. Last year I showed swine and won showmanship. l continued on to Round Robin and won Master Showman.

4-H has helped me throughout my life with public speaking, making new friends, and learning something new like how to show an animal or castrate a  lamb.

Archer Thornton

Hello my name is Archer Thornton, I will be turning 10 July 19th (End of Auction Day). This is my first year in Johnstonville 4-H and raising a market hog.  My Hampshire hog is named Ham, and he has some nice ones!  Ham weighed in at 281 pounds.  I have been working very hard walking him and getting him ready for fair.  Outside of 4-H I spend a majority of my time outdoors, hunting, fishing and camping with my family.  My other hobbies including soccer, drawing and building Legos.

I appreciate the support from our community during this unique experience with the Lassen County Junior Livestock Auction and want to extend my thanks to all who have made the online auction feasible. Thank you for your continued support of the local kids raising fair animals!  I hope you will consider purchasing Ham this year, you won’t be disappointed.


Hi! My name Teagan, I am 13 years old and will be entering the 8th grade! This is my fourth year as a member of Richmond 4H. For the third year in a row I raised a market goat. Except this year I raised only one instead of two like I usually do. But I think I should’ve raised two because I had a lot more time to spend with my goat this year to train and work with him because of COVID-19.

My goat, Reno, a Boer whether is very spunky and strong. He really enjoys jumping around in his pen and eating his favorite special treat of popcorn. His Lassen County Fair Tag Number is and he weighed 88 pounds on 6/29/2020. I have been raising, feeding, and training Reno since March and he was born in December. My goal for the funds from the sale are to help me start my goat-breeding project and I can’t wait to raise my first kid.

Outside of being involved in 4H, I enjoy dancing, everywhere and anywhere, doesn’t matter, as my mom roles her eyeballs at me, raising my rabbits and hens, kayaking with my family, swimming, practicing flips on my trampoline, gardening, and anything outdoors.

I am going to miss smiling in the ring this year for the judges and audience but I look forward to next year. Thank you for taking the time to look at Reno and I.

Maddi Johnson

Howdy! My name is Maddi Johnson. I am 13 years old and have been in Milford 4-H for 8 years. I am the current Milford 4-H President. This is my third year in the beef project. I started my own cattle business last year called MLJ Show Cattle. I have a purebred Shorthorn heifer, named Snowflake, that was bred last month. It is my goal to own and show a champion bred by me at our fair someday. I have had my steers since October, and they have been on a quality feed program.

Blackjack (black with white face) is a Simmental Angus Cross. Blackjack is a gentle giant. At first, he was not sure about me and wasn’t very friendly. When I go into the pen now, he is my buddy. Blackjack is very tall which makes showing a challenge because I cannot see over his head. Blackjack weighs 1400 lbs.

Romeo (blue roan) is a Shorthorn Cross. Romeo is a flashy little guy. He has three color combinations on his body (speckle, brindle and roan) which makes a lot of people not like him, it’s why I picked him. He dislikes pink and anything that moves too fast, but he loves the show ring. Romeo weighs 1235 lbs.

This year has been very difficult and emotional. COVID-19 caused 4-H activities to be suspended and ultimately led to the cancellation of an in-person livestock show and sale. I promised myself that I would still have a great year. I participated in many virtual livestock shows and even traveled out of state with my animals to show in person and gain experience. Outside of 4-H I enjoy playing basketball and taking photographs. 4-H has taught me to be flexible with my plans and never stop working towards a goal even if it seems difficult (just like this year). I plan on saving my 4-H money to pay for Veterinary School before or after I serve our great country in the United States Marine Corps.

If you would like to see my animals in person please email my Mom at [email protected]. I would be happy to talk with you about them or show them in person.

Saydee Mueller

Hello to my beautiful community!

I’d like for you to meet my rabbits Eny, Meny and Moe. This is my first year raising meat rabbits and my 6th year as a member of Lake 4-H. I would normally be loading up our trailer and preparing to stay at the Lassen County Fair, to care and show my animals to our community. This year is a little different, you get to meet them virtually!

Although different, I’m thankful we’re able to continue with a virtual livestock show and auction. I encourage you to watch the livestock show from the coolness of your home July 15th, 2020 at 2:PM and see all of my fellow FFA and 4-H members show their animals.

I will miss seeing all of our wonderful community members that have come out year after year to support us but encourage you to be apart of the auction.

Sincerely, Saydee Mueller Lake 4-H

Jewel Kerby

Have you heard of the love story of Johnny and June? My puppy is named after Johnny Cash and here is my lamb, June.

My name is Jewel Kerby and I have been in the Susanville FFA chapter for 4 years and this is my first year showing a market animal. Though this year there will not be a traditional show and auction, I have still had a lot of fun working with June to prepare her for show. Though she is a smaller lamb, her personality sure is big. June enjoyed walks up and down the pasture and would always look forward to feeding time. I am happy I was able to have such a great lamb for my first year showing experience.

The Susanville FFA program has brought me many opportunities and allowed me to meet some great people. Other than FFA, I was involved in softball and trap shooting during my four years high school. I was enrolled in multiple honors and AP courses during my high school career and had earned a 4.2 GPA.

Outside of school, I have always loved working with animals; I have ridden horses since I was a toddler and continue to work to become a better rider.

To watch myself and all the other contestants show for the Lassen County Fair, you can go to www.waltonswebcasting.com on July 15. If you are interested on possibly buying June, you can enter the auction at www.ez2bid.com.

The auction will start July 18 at noon and end July 19 at noon, her tag number will be # 144. June and I would both very much appreciate your bids. Thank you for taking the time to learn about myself and my lamb, June.

EmmaLee Rotlisberger

What’s on your plate for dinner tonight? Hopefully it’s rabbit!

Hi, my name is EmmaLee Rotlisberger and I am entering the 11th grade at Lassen High School. This is my second year in the rabbit project and this year I have a wonderful meat pen of market rabbits that will be sold at the virtual auction. Through this project I have learned the responsibility of raising a market animal with proper care. In addition to selling my meat pen at auction, I will be showing my Mini Rex Rabbit named Tea during the showmanship contest and showing my Californian Breed Rabbits in the market class show. I am excited for another year of showing and selling animals that I have raised on my own.

I will be entering my third year of FFA and was recently appointed as the 2020-2021 Secretary for the Susanville chapter. During my time in this program, I have competed on many different teams and individual events, including Novice and Advanced Parliamentary Procedures, Floriculture, Creed, Novice and Advanced Opening/Closing, and Impromptu Public Speaking. Some achievements with these competitions have included 4th in state for Novice Parli Pro last year and 5th in state for Impromptu Public Speaking this year, as well as quite a few first-place wins at multiple contests for both Novice and Advanced Parli Pro, Floral, and Opening/Closing. FFA is something I really enjoy and has sparked my passion for agriculture.

In addition to the FFA, I am part of the LHS drill team and the Lassen Aquatics swim team. I am currently the Vice President of the Lassen County Fair’s Junior Fair Board. This summer I am working for the local pool as a lifeguard/swim instructor. I also volunteer at Camp Ronald McDonald at Eagle Lake as a camp counselor during Lassen County Kids Week.

I would like to invite you to check out our virtual auction located on the EZ2Bid website at www.ez2bid.com. It is a great opportunity to support 4-H and FFA members by purchasing their market animals. I hope you will check out this auction and experience a new way of purchasing market animals during these times.

Thank you, EmmaLee Rotlisberger

Megan von Helf

Greetings 4-H supporter from Megan von Helf and “Gunsmoke”. This is my 4th year showing a market animal. I am in Richmond 4-H and this is my first time to raise and show a beef steer. My steer is from Schmidt Cattle Co. in Stevinson, Ca. He is a Charolais cross. I have raised him for 10 months and I have spent lots of time caring for him. I have learned a lot about raising a steer to their full potential. As of 6-29-20 he weighed 1,460 pounds and has had an average daily gain of 5+ pounds. I am sure he will be top quality beef! He is full of personality and has taken extra scrubbing in his baths to keep him clean and happy since he is white. I have had fun taking pictures with him and making a scrapbook for my memories.

As with most fairs throughout the country, Lassen County Fair has been canceled due to COVID-19. Luckily, I have the opportunity to sell my steer here in the first-ever Lassen County Virtual Livestock Sale. I also got to compete with my steer in an online virtual show for the fair. I invite you to please support me if you are able to do so. If you are unable to place a bid you can contribute by an “Add-on” donation here. There are not enough words to express my grateful heart during these crazy times! Thank you for taking this time to check out my steer.

Ashley von Helf

Hello, my name is Ashley von Helf.  This is my 5th year in 4-H. I am currently serving as the Secretary for Richmond 4-H. I have had a great time in 4-H and this year I am trying something new. This is my 1st time to raise a market show steer named “Rootbeer Float” and it has been lots of fun. I purchased him locally from Weimer Cattle Co. and Cindy has been a great help with this project. He is a registered Hereford Steer.  As of 6-29-20 he weighed 1,495 pounds, he has had a great rate of gain ranging from 4 to 6 pounds a day.

This year has not turned out the way I had hoped or expected. I was hoping to get to show him in person however to keep everyone safe, we can only show and sell online this year. I have spent countless number of hours feeding, grooming, exercising and training my steer. I have fed him top quality feed and guarantee that you will get top quality beef.  I would ask that if you have the opportunity, please support me in the sale. If you are unable to bid, you can do an “Add-on” donation for me or any other member here. Thank you for taking the time to support me, and to contribute to my future.  I am very thankful for the amount of community support that our 4-H and FFA clubs receive every year.

Addy Rotlisberger

How do rabbits travel? By hare plane!

Hi, my name is Addy Rotlisberger and I’d like to invite you to the Virtual Junior Livestock Auction for the Lassen County Fair. It will be starting July 18th at noon and ending July 19th at noon.

I will be entering the sixth grade this year. In addition to 4H, I love playing basketball, sewing, art, and being on the swim team. I am disappointed there is no “in person” fair this year, but I am still looking forward to selling my Californian market rabbits at the Virtual Junior Livestock Auction. This is my second year in Richmond 4-H and my second year in the rabbit project.

My market rabbits are the Californian breed. I am also raising a Holland Lop named Blackberry that I am using for showmanship and the rabbit breeding class competition. My favorite part of raising rabbits is holding them and giving them treats. I have been able to spend more time with my rabbits this year because I have been at home more than usual due to Corona Virus (I can’t wait for it to be gone).

If you are interested in purchasing my rabbits or any other animals, please visit www.ez2bid.com. Even though it might not be as fun to bid online as it is to be at the fair, I hope you are able to check out the website. Thank you!

Sincerely, Addalyn Rotlisberger

Cody Selig

Hello, my name is Cody Selig and this is my 2nd year in Susanville FFA . It’s my 6th year showing a market swine, as I have shown in 4-h in the past at the Lassen County Fair. My market swine this year is named Donald Trump. He is a Hampshire cross. I got him on March 9th 2020 and his ear tag number is 99. He currently weighs over 275 pounds and has had a daily gain of 1.9-2.2 pounds. Everyday I have fed, exercised my pig and bathed him weekly in preparation for the fair.
I will be a junior this coming year at Lassen High School in Susanville. I’m in Susanville FFA and this year I took Ag Chem and Welding in Lassen High schools agriculture program through FFA. My GPA is currently a 3.7.

Outside of FFA I enjoy playing soccer for my high school and for my competitive team in Reno. Last year I was fortunate to be selected to go to Barcelona, Spain to train in their academy. I have also been accepted to go to Barcelona Soccer Academy and school. I’m hoping to go there my senior year 2021-2022 and hopefully have a future in FIFA or MLS pro soccer. I also enjoy karate, playing video games with friends and hanging out with them.
I plan to use the money for next years project and to save for college to study a form of engineering as a back up after soccer. Thank you for considering to bid on my market hog

Royce Waltman

My name is Royce Waltman. This is my second year in 4-H and my first year in Johnstonville 4-H and showing a market steer. I am 10 years old and going into the 5th grade at Shaffer School. I am the oldest of 3 and my little brother and I are born the same day. I enjoy playing sports such as baseball, basketball, and rodeo. I enjoy ranching with my family, hunting, and fishing.  I have invested my own money into my steer project. I have my own Angus cross cows and with the money I raise from my steer I will invest for my college education and my own commercial cattle herd.

I got my steer Buckwheat in September 2019. I have feed him twice a day using a special grain mix. He weighed in on June 29th at 1155 pounds. His average daily rate of gain has been 3 pounds. By sale day he should weigh in over 1200 pounds. Buckwheat is Angus, Simmental, and Maine.

The auction will be July 18th starting at noon and July 19th ending at noon.  My animal’s tag number is 347. Please visit EZ2BID.com

Thank you for your consideration and support. Without the buyers, parents, and volunteers this would not be possible, thank you all!

Ella Hopkins

My name is Ella Hopkins and I am participating in the 2020 Lassen County Fair Online Auction. This is my second year in 4-H and also my second year in the swine project.

My pigs are named Pugsley and Wednesday. Pugsley is a blue butt cross born 12/15/2019 and weighing in at 276 lbs. He was bred and raised here in Lassen County and has a very unique look to him. His mom escaped her pen when she was giving birth in the middle of a snow storm and as a result, some of her babies got frostbite. Pugsley’s ears were frostbitten and that is why they look so stumpy. Wednesday is a Hampshire cross that we purchased from a breeder in Anderson, CA. She is a very sweet but nosey pig who is always curious. She was born 1/20/20 and weighs in at 168 lbs. Both of my pigs love Nilla wafers as treats and belly scratches.

Thank you for your consideration and for your support of our Junior Livestock Auction!

Rebeka Heard

Hello, my name is Rebeka Heard. This is my first year showing sheep at Lassen county fair. I am this year’s FFA media officer. My sheep is a Hampshire Cross and his name is Alfalfa. Alfalfa loves my sister’s sheep Darla. Alfalfa’s favorite treat is alfalfa and he weighs 124 pounds. I have worked with my sheep every day to make sure he is market ready. I love being involved with FFA. Outside of FFA, I love to be outdoors and I love riding horses. I earned a 4.0 gpa last school year at Lassen High School. I’m also on the Lassen High School Drill Team. You can watch Alfalfa and I and the entire Lassen County Fair Animal Show at www.waltonswebcasting.com on July 15. You can also bid on my sheep at www.ez2bid.com starting July 18 at noon to July 19 at noon. TAG# 148 I hope you all watch the show and consider bidding on my sheep.

Wyatt Barton

Hello, My name is Wyatt Barton, I am 13 years old. This is my first year in 4-H, and this is also my first year to raise and show a steer. I am the Vice President in Milford 4-H. My steer and I have had a lot of ups and downs, a few weeks after I brought him home the neighbor dogs spooked him and I got my arm broke in 3 spots and had to go into surgery that night. He also has a very sensitive tummy and does not handle hot show feed well so we had to spend lots of time learning what kind of feed he could handle and what amounts to give him. Then covid struck and I could not show him in person or get to walk through the sale ring. I am really bummed but I am hoping next year I will be able to experience the real thing. He is such a sweet steer, halter broke really fast, he loves to have company and gives lots of kisses, his name is boon by the way, he weighs 1300 pounds and even with tummy issues has steadily gained 4 lbs. a day.

My favorite thing to do is ride dirt bikes. After I pay my bills, I hope to be able to put some towards a new dirt bike, and my next year’s steer. If you would like to watch me show you can go to http://www.waltonwebcasting.com/. I would also like to take the time to invite you to the online auction where I will be selling him, if you decide you would just like to donate to a certain person you can also do that at http://ez2bid.com/. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.
Wyatt Barton Tag # 333

Alena Barton

Hello, My name is Alena Barton I am 10 years old. This is my first year in 4-H and my first year raising two market lambs. I am the secretary in Milford 4-H. My lamb’s names are Tink and Clover, they are so much fun, they like to chase me around and play with my sisters’ rabbit. At night I like to let them run through my mom’s orchard, they stomp just like deer and run and run it is so funny. I really like showing them, I was very sad when they decided that we could not show in person, but I’m so glad they are letting us show online and also sell online. If you would like to watch me show you can go to http://www.waltonwebcasting.com/. I would also like to take the time to invite you to the online auction where I will be selling one of my lambs, if you decide you would just like to donate to a certain person you can also do that at http://ez2bid.com/.
Thank you
Alena Barton

Katie Parady

Hello, my name is Katie Parady and I’m 16 years old. I’ve been showing market lambs since I was 9 years old, I was in 4-H for 5 years and this is now my 3rd year in Susanville FFA. A little about myself is I play both varsity sports, softball and basketball at Lassen high school. I also love outdoor activities such as fishing camping hunting and working cattle on our family ranch. I volunteered at a local veterinary clinic when I was 13, now I have a great job with great staff at Lassen Veterinary hospital working with many animals. I plan to go to Texas and pursue my dream of becoming a veterinarian. I have spent many hours working hard with my market sheep. As you all may know our Lassen county fair has been canceled, so on that note, I would like to invite you to our virtual auction that u can register for at www.ez2bid.com, the auction starts on July 18th at noon and goes to July 19th at noon. We also will be having a livestream of the show on www.waltonwebcasting.com on Wednesday, July 15th at 2 PM. Thank you! -Katie Parady

Laila Bustamante

Hello my name is Laila Bustamante and this is my goat Arlo. I have been in Lake 4H for 6 years and this is my first year doing meat goats. This year we are doing a virtual show because of Covid. You can watch the show July 15, at virtualstockshow.com. Please join us for the virtual auction July 18 at noon to July 19 at noon. Register to bid at: EZ2BID.COM. I would like to thank everyone for supporting 4H in our community.

Shelby Talley

My favorite part of raising an animal for fair is getting them prepared for the show ring. I like washing them and making them look spiffy clean for auction. I also enjoy walking the goats around my yard to train them and build a good working relationship with them. They have such good attitudes even when working for a long time, and I’ll miss them a lot after auction.

One positive effect of raising my market goat during the Covid-19 pandemic is that it taught me to think ahead. I didn’t know if we were doing a virtual fair or not during the earlier weeks, so I had to train for a live show. Another good thing about a virtual fair though, is that there aren’t many people, which is beneficial for lowering the risk of spreading the Coronavirus to our community.

One fun fact about me is that I really enjoy art. I try to draw at least once a day and mainly do traditional drawing, although I’ve started to experiment with digital art as well. I want to thank all of the 4H leaders who made the fair possible this year. It’s been an unforgettable year and has been a good learning experience for us all. I also want to thank the buyers for participating in the Lassen County Fair and for their support of 4H members and their projects. Without you, none of this would be possible.

Shelby Talley

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