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Lassen Land and Trails Trust: Meat Raffle Explained


With only two days left before the big Lassen Land and Trails Trust Meat Raffle and Beefcake Auction at Lassen Ale Works, fundraising committee member Kelly Fairbank explains how the raffle works.

“Participants buy a numbered stick – we call them Spikes in honor of the railroad spike,” says Fairbank. “It costs $5 to buy a Spike – which is good for one round and each round is good for two spins.”

The spikes have numbers which coordinate with the Wheel of Fortune – numbers 1 through 30. Because organizers expect the event to be well-attended they have doubled up the spikes.

The host of the raffle, Tyann Brown, will spin the wheel and call the number that hits. There are two winners per spin, four winners per round.

There will be a selection of meat on the table to choose from and first winners get first choice. This will give each person with a spike a 1 in 15 chance of winning!

In between rounds Lassen Land and Trails Trust will auction off one of their ‘Beefcakes.’ Margie Meserve will serve as auctioneer and during this time ticket runners will collect the Spikes from the first round and sell them for the next round.

Some of the meat prizes will include wild duck, local grass fed beef and lamb, free range chicken, locally raised bison and much more! Beefcakes prizes include night at the symphony plus dinner, a personal chef, a handyman, an auto detailer and a personal bartender.

The Meat Raffle, a popular fundraiser in pubs of Great Britain and Australia, will take place from 7:00 to 9:00p.m. on February 20th at Lassen Ale Works in Historic Uptown Susanville.

For more information follow this link over to www.lassenlandandtrailstrust.org.

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