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Lassen Supes Proclaim August Child Support Awareness Month


childsupportawarenessNewly appointed Director of Lassen County’s Child Support Services, Kelley Cote, appeared at the August 12th Board of Supervisor’s meeting where the board followed the Governor’s lead by passing a resolution proclaiming August as Child Support Awareness month.

Our local child support services program works with custodial parents, non-custodial parents and guardians to make sure that children and families receive court-ordered financial and medical support. Here in California child support services are available to the general public through a network of 51 county and regional child support agencies.

“Our department has made it into the top 10 counties throughout California for the last two years,” explains Department Specialist Carly Winship, “which is measured by the federal government in overall establishment of orders, establishment of paternity, collection and distribution of support on current support and back-owed support.”

It’s no small feat to be ranked so highly within the system and the success is mainly due to Child Support Service’s dedication to Lassen County families.

“We believe we can make a positive difference in the lives of children by being dedicated to our mission and performing our duties to the best of our abilities,” said Winship.

“We will treat the public and fellow employees with respect, fairness and dignity. We will act with integrity and be impartial in all of our decisions. We take pride in the trust bestowed upon us in our mission and we will strive to always uphold this trust.”

At the Supervisor’s meeting on August 12th a resolution was passed by the board echoing those sentiments.

The Board of Supervisors commended the Lassen County Department of Child Support Services for its, “dedication to improving the lives of Lassen County children and parents by providing effective, efficient and responsive child support services.”

To read the resolution in its entirety click here.