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LHS First Responder Class Gets Lesson in Crime Scene Sketching


Lassen High School’s Drama Room was transformed into a macabre scene last week as students in Mr. Reichle’s First Responder Class got a lesson in crime-scene sketching. These sketches are one of the foundations of crime-scene investigation and a valuable tool for scene documentation and case investigation.

Lassen College Administration of Justice Instructor Tom Downing visited the class to teach the future first-responders about this important investigative tool, staging an elaborate scene for the students to sketch.

Props included a mannequin, replica gun, knife, shell casings, fake blood and a few other minor items to set the stage. All properly roped off with yellow crime-scene tape.

“All of these items, plus more,” explains Downing, “were purchased through an internal LCC innovations grant awarded to the Administration of Justice program.”

Downing gave the students a frightening scenario for the crime; a neighbor called the police about a disturbance next door, she heard a man arguing with her neighbor over some money he owed the man for a vehicle. A commotion ensued and the neighbor heard what sounded like several gunshots. The man then fled the scene, and the neighbor could tell he was bleeding.

It was at this point during the sequence of events that students entered the drama room and began investigating the crime scene, sketching what they saw.

“This was a fun outreach to the high school students to show them a little of what we could offer them if they chose to attend LCC,” said Downing who will be presenting more scenarios for LHS students this week.

Downing pointed out to the students who might be interested in Administration of Justice that LCC tuition is free as long as they are still high school students, and that there are many course offerings at the college or online.


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