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LMUD Planned Outage – August 6th – Janesville, Standish, Litchfield and Wendel


LMUD is alerting Standish, Janesville, Litchfield and Wendel area customers that they should expect to be without power Tuesday, August 6th, for 6 to 8 hours beginning approximately 7am to 8am.

The outage is necessary in order for utility crews to replace the failing transformer in the Standish substation. Please be aware that at this time, due to the timing of the transformer delivery and the arrival of other necessary equipment, the LMUD operations center is estimating the time and duration of the outage. This information is subject to change depending on equipment availability. Updates will be provided as information becomes available.

To prepare for the extended outage LMUD urges customers to take the following measures:

  • Make sure your household has plenty of fresh drinking water, and if possible, water for hand washing, toilet flushing etc.
  • If you have livestock or other animals, fill their water containers ahead of time and have surplus water on hand.
  • Unplug all sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Freeze containers of water and leave them in your refrigerator and freezer. Only open your refrigerator and freezer if absolutely necessary.
  • If you or your family members are medically dependent on electricity, make arrangements to stay at a friend or relative’s house for the duration of the outage.
  • Fully charge your cell phones or other devices. If you have a land line, make sure you have a phone that plugs directly into the jack and does not rely on electricity to work.
  • Keep candles and flashlights on hand. Make sure you have a supply of fresh batteries.
  • If you are using an auxiliary generator, make sure it is in a well ventilated area. Never use a generator inside your home or an enclosed area such as a garage or shed.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation. Also, thank you to our customers who helped lessen the load on the substation through their conservation efforts.

Please check the LMUD web site, www.lmud.org for up-to-date news regarding this outage. You may also sign-up for LMUD’s text alerts by texting the letters LMUD to the number 69302. For more information, please call our customer service line at 530-257-4174.

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