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LMUD Presents: This Day in Susanville History – April 26, 1918


The mill tower under construction at Fruit Growers Supply Company in 1918

Build Sawmills Near Susanville
April 26, 1918

Work has already commenced on the erection of the buildings for the new mill on the Lassen townsite. The framework of the machine and blacksmith shop is already in place. This will be the first of the buildings finished and the machinery installed for use in the erection of the other units the mill.

Work is also proceeding on the foundations for the main mill. This bonding will be erected on concrete and the excavation for these piers is nearly completed. The forms for the concrete are on hand, and this work will be completed within a few days.

A substantial platform has been constructed for the unloading of the machinery. This platform is 50 or 60 feet wide and several hundred feet in length, running back close to the location of the main mill. This platform Is already piled full of machinery, waiting the completion of the buildings for its reception.

The Southern Pacific has completed the surveys for the spur track, and a force of workmen will be started on this work within the next few days. The surveys for the log pond have also been completed, and as soon as the yardage has been figured out bids will be asked for this work.

Messrs. McGowan and Jerome are now taking up with the other, officials of the company the location of the smaller mill. One plan is to locate the mill near the larger mill at the Susanville site, and the other plan is to install it in the mountains nearer the logging operations. This matter will be decided very shortly, when the advantages and disadvantages of the two plans are fully canvassed.

Anyone visiting the site of the new mill will be convinced that the plant will be in operation in the shortest possible time. A large force of workmen is being employed, and this force is being increased as fast as the company can get the men and the development of the operations permits their employment.

The mill with the resaw will have capacity of about 150,000 feet per day.

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