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LMUD Presents: This Day in Susanville History – December 27th, 1946


Janesville in the late 1940’s from an Eastman Studio postcard

Plan to Erect 40,000 Saw Mill
December 27, 1946

Word was received in Susanville this week that plans are definitely underway for the construction of a $40,000 sawmill in Janesville, Calif., early next spring.

C. B. Spaulding of Long Beach Calif., with many years of experience in the lumber business, has purchased about 840 acres of the Spraker-Harwood timber holdings in the Last Chance area, and plans to rush completion of the mill, which will be located one-half mile east of Janesville on the Susanville to Reno highway. Actual operation is set for as soon in the spring as weather conditions will permit.

The new holdings in Last Chance on the Diamond Mountain ridge will be logged by Mr., Spaulding with the timber being brought into the new mill for cutting. He has equipment ready for the logging job in the woods and said he plans to employ at least 40 men in the mill from the start of operations.

Mr. Spaulding expects to return to Janesville on January 15 from Long Beach. He operated a sawmill and logging project in La Porte, Calif., last year. Every effort will be made to complete the sawmill by the time woods operations start in the spring.


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