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LMUD Presents: This Day in Susanville History – December 7, 1947

Uptown Susanville in 1947 From the Eastman Collection at UC Davis

Lassen Faces Sewer Problem
December 7, 1947

According to officials of the Susanville and Milwood sanitary districts a serious sewage disposal problem is facing Susanville.

Sewage is flowing straight through the worn-out small disposal plant beside the fair grounds and on down the valley, an inspection of the “sewer farm” disclosed.
M. D. McKenzie, president of the Susanville sanitary district, commented that “something will have to be done.” He said the directors are well aware of the serious situation, and plan to build a new disposal plant jointly with the Milwood sanitary district when the financing can be arranged.

I. C. Lockart, president of Milwood district, said, “It is something which should have been tended to years ago. It’s got to be corrected sooner or later – the sooner the better.” He said that plans were drawn up for a new disposal plant a few years ago, in expectation of financial assistance from the so-called state “Christmas tree fund.” Which did not materialize.

Mr. McKenzie and Mr. Lockart commented that bonding the district looks like the only way out now. Mr. McKenzie added that it is a community problem.

T. W. Ogilvie, engineer for the districts, estimated that a new disposal plant now would cost about $120,000. All Susanville sewage from both the Susanville and Milwood sanitary districts lines passes under the fair grounds in an 18-inch pipe to the “sewer farm.”

The 60-acre sewer farm is immediately on the other side of the racetrack at the fairgrounds, and the remains of the old disposal plant fringed with brush can be seen from the grandstand a couple of hundred yards beyond the far fence of the race track.


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