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LMUD Presents: This Day in Susanville History – February 16, 1943

Dad Starr Super Salesman
February 16, 1943

Did you ever try selling Victory Bonds as a business? No. Well, that is what H. M. (Dad) Starr does, and the only profit he reaps is in knowing he has the gratitude and support of the people of Susanville behind him. He also knows that he is serving his country in the best possible way he can.

Dad, as he is called by those who know him, came to California from New York in 1918 and finally made his home in Susanville. He worked for the Lassen Lumber and Box Company until 1929.

Acquired Stand

In August of 1941 “Dad” on one of his occasional trips to Southern California, he noticed the vast quantity of war bonds being sold on every street corner in some larger cities. Being interested in the war, and anxious to serve his country, he decided the folks in Susanville did not take the war seriously enough, so he took it upon himself to help his country by acquiring a small stand and selling bonds on Main Street of Susanville. He calls his stand the Victory House. “People appreciate it,” he said. “and I got a great kick out of knowing I was helping win the war.”

When winter came and the cold outside was unbearable, Mrs. Ruth Spalding, who runs one of the local drug stores, told Starr he could move inside and set up in one corner of the drug store.

Had Busy Day

Starr’s busiest day was December 7th, when local residents enraged at the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, bought over $10,000 worth of bonds. His greatest single sale was a $10,000 War Bond.

Between the birthdays of Lincoln and Washington, he sold more than $15,000 worth of bonds and stamps.

Last Christmas grateful citizens made him a present of more than $100 for his work in promoting the sale of bonds and stamps in Susanville.

Dad has also promoted other civic affairs, such as the campaign for a flag for the city hall. He also is the oldest living member of the Elks Lodge in Susanville.

“Dad” averages around $250 per day in the sale of bonds and stamps.

Jeremy Couso
Jeremy Couso
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