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LMUD Presents: This Day in Susanville History – January 2, 1902

The Arnold Mill at ‘the rocks’ on the Susan River with the Susanville Grammar School on the hill in the background

Fire at the Schoolhouse
January 2, 1902

What might have been a disastrous fire occurred at the Susanville Public School building last Monday morning, and had it not been for the prompt and heroic efforts of our citizens that handsome structure would now be a smoldering ruin.

The fire caught from the furnace. The heat in the air-chamber was so intense that the woodwork was ignited or at least this sems to be the pet theory of those who assisted in the work of extinguishing the flames.

But, of course, a careful examination may throw a new light on the problem.

The morning was an exceptionally cold one, and the janitor had put on a little more than the usual heat. The rooms filled with smoke, and the teachers dismissed school. None of the pupils suspected that the building was on fire, and all went out quietly, expecting to be recalled in a short time.

An investigation followed, with the result that the fire was located immediately above the furnace.

Lively work followed and the building was saved, after a loss of from $800 to $1,000 had resulted.

We are unable to state at this time just when the schools will reopen; it will be just as soon as possible, however, and due notice will be given.


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