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LMUD Presents: This Day in Susanville History – January 3rd, 1937


South of Milford along Highway 395 in the late 1930’s. From an Eastman Studio postcard.

School Bus Stranded in Snow Storm
January 3, 1937

Susanville Students Forced to Spend Hours in Barn

Following a snow storm which started late yesterday afternoon and continued until late last night, the Reno-Susanville highway was blocked for several miles below Milford, Lassen county.

A string of 50 cars from both directions, stages and mail and express trucks, was held up until 8 o’clock this morning when a rotary snow plow brought to the scene from Goodrich finally succeeded in clearing a path through the heavy drifts.

The school bus which left Susanville at 3:45 in the afternoon on the Doyle route, got stuck a short distance the other side of Milford. Unable to move, snow piled up almost to the top of the bus.

Students waded through deep drifts to a barn on an abandoned ranch where they spent the greater part of the night.

The barn contained an old stove and the party was able to keep warm until early this morning.

The rotary plow cleared a path to the marooned bus and pulled it back into the cleared section of the highway.

Students all arrived on time for school this morning.

The mail truck which left here at five o’clock yesterday afternoon ran into trouble just below Milford and was stuck until this morning.

The Mt. Lassen Transit Stage, leaving here shortly after two o’clock was not able to get through before howling winds caused the road to be blocked by drifts.

Mail, express and stage service will undoubtedly be very late today and it is thought possible that it may not arrive until tomorrow.

Motorists are advised that the road to Reno is clear at the present time but that more snow together with wind may cause it to be temporarily blocked at any time.

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