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LMUD Presents: This Day in Susanville History – July 8, 1936

Freddy Nagel and his orchestra around 1939.

Nagel Signed as Director at Bal Bijou at Lake Tahoe
July 8, 1936

Freddie Nagel, who was some pumpkin as a local musician in Reno a few years back, is now the director of a 1-piece aggregation playing the summer season at Bal Bijou on Lake Tahoe.

Fred apparently is going places as an Ork leader but has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford in case he tires of the profession. Fred’s band is under the banner of the Music Corporation of America.

A grand gal threw open a brand new club in Susanville last night. Shirley Tilton known to hundreds in Reno. Suffice to say that we all hope the new spot goes over with a bang; no reason why it won’t with our gal Shirley’s magnetic personality and charm that is indeed a rarity.

Shirley’s entertainment department will be headed by Reno’s corpulent and diminutive madcap M. C., Sonny Hartman, who worked at the Tavern three years ago with the Bob Overman aggregation.

Sonny departed from Reno yesterday with his five foot four inches of attitude, 200 pounds avoirdupois, stack of piano music, baggy pants, 60-inch waistline and 17 wigs. Sonny plays, sings, and manipulates the wigs so rapidly that a slow-motion camera had difficulty in following him.

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