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LMUD Presents: This Day in Susanville History – July 9, 1950

Susanville’s Public Market (now Mazatlan Grill) in 1940. From the Eastman Studio Collection at UC Davis

Susanville Store Hit by Burglars
July 9, 1950

Office of the Miller’s Market on lower Main Street was robbed of over $3,100 sometime Friday night.

Using a ladder left by workmen the day before when they were installing coolers, the thieves entered the store by cutting a 12 x 14-inch hole in the roof. The ladder was left leaning against the rear of the building.

Most of the money taken was in the form of payroll checks from Lassen Lumber and Box Co., Paul Bunyan Lumber Co., and Fruit Growers Supply Co. These checks were endorsed for deposit only so will be of no use to the burglars. Only $414 of the money was in cash.

Manager Al Swinney, Ray Miller and Don Kernan were first to discover the robbery about 8:30 Saturday morning. Mr. Miller is the new owner of the market, which is one of a chain supervised by Mr. Kernan. Mr. Miller’s home is in Chico, but he was in town that day.

Mr. Swinney believes the thief was someone who knew a great deal about the building in view of the way in which he entered. The intruder apparently left by the way he entered as there were no doors or windows opened.

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