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LMUD Presents: This Day in Susanville History – March 28, 1947

Uptown Susanville in 1947
From the Eastman Collection at UC Davis

Susanville Votes for Annexation
Big Territory Added to City
March 28, 1947

By a margin of more than two to one, residents of five Susanville additions voted themselves into the city in a special election here Tuesday.

The move increased Susanville’s population from slightly more than 1,500 to an estimated 7,500 and swelled the city’s area by more than 200 percent.

Of the 626 ballots cast, 435 were in favor of the unification and 191 were opposed. Only residents of the five affected additions were allowed to vote. The ballot was less than 50 percent of the registration list of 1,400.

Additions now within the city limits as a result of the election are East Milwood, Arnold, Richmond and Fruit Growers hill.

Main Street, the principal thoroughfare, now runs for more than a mile in the city limits. It previously ran only a few blocks within the official boundaries of the town.

The lumber mill section, which includes its own residences, was not included in the annexation move.

Among other things, the unification is expected to make the administration of schools here easier, with all elementary schools now within the city limits. Two of the largest previously were beyond the boundaries of the town.

The special election was called by the city council after petitions requesting it had been filed with the city clerk and received no protest.

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