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LMUD Presents: This Day in Susanville History – March 31, 1948

Susanville Airport from the air, 1941

Susanville Aero Group Organized
March 31, 1948

Six chapter members were deputized by Sheriff Olin S. Johnson in the sheriff’s aero squadron, organized Thursday night. Captained by James Lewis, they are Lieutenants Ches Agee and Les Mastolier; other charter members are S. R. Carlomagno, Frank Corson and Mirl Simmons, Corson and Mastolier were civilian flight instructors during the war, and the others are all veterans of the U.S. Air Corps.

The group will meet on the first Monday of each month and will operate in a similar way as the Lassen County sheriff’s posse.

First steps in organizing the local group were made three weeks ago. This group is one of many being organized throughout the country and is set up for emergency service. The pilots can be called on for air search as well as ground duty if the occasion arises.

Requirements for application membership are that a pilot must have either private or commercial license, plus 500 hours of flying time. They must also have the approval of the membership committee and Sheriff Johnson.

Although ownership of a plane is not required members of the aero squadron must have access to a plane on short notice at any time.

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