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LMUD Presents: This Day in Susanville History – March 8, 1953

Lassen Lumber and Box in 1949 from an Eastman Studio postcard

Box Factory to Be Sold
March 8, 1953

The box factory formerly owned by the Lassen Lumber & Box Inc., is being sold to A. I. Lucero and Walter Wirth of the T &M Carpenter Shop, by the Fruit Growers Supply Co.

Lucero and Wirth plan to operate the factory as a sash and door cup-up plant, employing 25 to 30 men at the present time. The Fruit Growers Co. is making lumber available to support this new enterprise.

Property involved in the sale is the box factory, office and machine shop building, and an area including about 30 acres of land. The Fruit Growers announced that the sawmill machinery at the Lassen Lumber and Box site has been sold to the Goff Machinery Co. of Stockton, who are now in the process of removing the machinery. It is understood that the Stockton company has sold the machinery to a Red Bluff concern, and that the machinery will be taken to Red Bluff.

Also announced was the sale of the former Lassen Lumber & Box properties to A. I. Lucero and Supervisor Lester Coffin, involving about 50 residential units, several of them duplexes.

Messrs. Lucero and Coffin had no statement to make at the present time regarding plans for the residential properties.

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