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LMUD Presents: This Day in Susanville History – May 4, 1882


1880’s letter with the Hammond Wilson stamp.

What They Think Up North
May 4, 1882

The Susanville Advocate has an article on Hammond & Wilson’s stage line, headed ‘An outrage on the people.’ In which it complains of unfair treatment and extortionate charges.

It says in closing:

“They complain that the line does not pay; and why doesn’t it pay? Because a person will not send by express over this line if it can possibly be avoided, on account of the exorbitant rates, while if they were lower their business would increase tenfold.”

“If Wells, Fargo & Co. would establish an office here the rates would be no more from San Francisco to Susanville than from San Francisco to Reno. It is a very impudent concern. They even refused to carry the Reno Gazette to subscribers along the line, who pay annually the sum of twelve dollars for the delivery of all mail matter, and all because this paper spoke of the entrance to their hall, which is used for public gatherings, as being inadequate for exit in case of fire.”

“They have sub-contracted to carry the mails between this place and Oroville, and it is presumable that they will increase the fare on both routes. In all probability they will refuse to carry the Advocate through the mails on account of our denouncing their express line as a ‘bulldozing’ concern.”

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