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LMUD Presents: This Day in Susanville History – September 17, 1947



Fruit Growers mill in Westwood, 1946 from an Eastman Studio postcard.

Westwood Judge Indicted for Embezzlement
September 17, 1947

Lassen Grand Jury Accuses Justice On Four Counts

Lassen County’s grand jury indicted a Westwood justice of the peace Monday on four counts of embezzlement and charged him with keeping false accounts of the public moneys.

Sheriff Olin Johnson arrested the judge, T. G. Johnson, this morning following the return of the indictment. In Lassen County superior court, Judge B. V. Curler set bail at $2000, which Thompson immediately posted.

Total amount embezzled, according to the grand jury report was $1115.

The indictment broke this down into four separate funds allegedly taken on these dates: May 25, 1946 – $65; March 10, 1946 – $350; May 27, 1947 – $200, and June 28, 1947 – $500.

Foreman Nolan Hallowell called the grand jury meeting for Monday and the jury returned its indictment Monday night after meeting all day. Investigation of Thompson’s activities was reported to have started August 28.

The following witnesses, all of Westwood, testified at the day’s hearings: Alfred Faulkner, W. W. Packwood, Robert Kingsbury, Arthur Carmichael and Mrs. Carmichael, Ernest Noble and Mrs. Noble, Henry Doering and Joe Benelli.

Date of Thompson’s arraignment has not been announced by Judge Curler.

Thompson first assumed his duties as justice of the peace in 1931 where he served until 1935 when James Lamson was elected to the office.

After Mr. Lampson’s death in office, Thompson again took over the justiceship and following his reelection in 19+46 he had three more years to serve.


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