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LMUD Presents: This Day in Susanville History – September 18, 1942


Herlong in 1950 from an Eastman Studios photo ~UC Davis Collection

Emergency School for Honey Lake Valley
September 18, 1942

Arrangements are being completed this week by Helen S. Hallowell county superintendent of schools for the opening September 14 of an emergency school at Hackstaff in Honey Lake Valley to serve an estimated seventy-five grammar school students.

Due to the influx of families to this defense are which is normally served by small rural schools, it has been found necessary to establish a new school capable of providing for the greatly increased number of children. A building is to be furnished by the federal government while the responsibility of furnishing teachers rests with Lassen County.

The new Hackstaff school will consist of grades 1 to 8 inclusive Miss Hallowell revealed and two teachers will be required.

To date only one instructor, Mrs. Francis Keys has been secured for the emergency school and some difficulty is being experienced in making arrangements for the second teacher.

Students of high school age will attend classes in Susanville with bus transportation to be provided for them from homes to school.

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