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LMUD Presents: This Day in Susanville History – September 19, 1943


The Lassen County Courthouse in the late 1930’s from an Eastman Studios postcard

Tax Rate Lowered in Lassen County
September 19, 1943

General county taxes covering the year 1943 will be slightly down with a general tax rate eleven cents lower than in 1942, according to a Lassen County assessor’s office statement made today.

Prospects for lower taxes were originally dimmed by the loss of two large and valuable pieces of property from the assessment rolls, the Fleming Ranch near Wendel, purchased by the State Fish and Game Commission, and the Fruit Growers Supply company’s ranch, five miles south of Susanville, taken over by the California-Pacific utility company. Tax receipt prospects were yet further restricted by the area required by the United States government for the Sierra Ordnance depot. A further factor which reduced values was the depleted state of lumber yard stocks, a condition brought about by the great demand for the forest products.

In spite of these factors generally tending to reduce revenues and thus increase taxes, a slight increase in valuations was achieved through the re-zoning of country timber lands as well as by an increase in the quality and value of livestock.

A measure of credit for lower taxes is also attributed to careful budget planning and control of country governmental expenditures.


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