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Looking Back on September 2001


Across the country and around the world Americans are pausing to remember the events that took place exactly ten years ago in New York and on the East Coast.

Here in Susanville the fire department is inviting everyone to participate in the yearly ceremonies Sunday morning at 7:00 at the fire hall.

The attack was the most digitally documented event of all time and a new website has established an archive to exhibit the images and sounds for generations to come.

The National September 11th, Memorial and Museum has created an online repository of images, sounds, video and stories covering a timeline that extends from just prior to the attack on the World Trade Center through the massive rescue efforts made by firefighters, police, search and rescue and medical personnel.

While the images can be graphic at times, the museum will give you a warning and a choice as to whether or not you want to view them.

Click here to visit the September 11th Memorial and Museum online.


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