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Massive Dust Storm on Honey Lake Prompts Wildfire Fears Among Residents

A dust storm of immense proportions is affecting areas to the north and northeast of Honey Lake this afternoon as high winds buffet the valley, sending clouds of alkali dust into the air.

The dust, which began rising from the desiccated lakebed this morning, is visible from all parts of the valley prompting wildfire fears by residents. The column of dust extends from the south side of Honey Lake, along Highway 395, to Ravendale and the Madeline Plains.

The National Weather Service is expecting gusts up to 40 mph this afternoon before the wind tapers off this evening.

Visibility has been near zero most of the day in Wendel and areas north and northeast of the lake bed.


Looking south across Honey Lake from the Wendel Road just off Highway 395


The wall of dust extends for more than 40 miles across 3 different valleys


A view of the storm from Bald Mountain near Standish


Looking towards Herlong from the Standish area


Jeremy Couso
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